Did anyone have a good experience with Bountysource?

I've heard quite a few stories where it took forever to have a solution accepted, then forever to actually get the money. I guess now I can add a story of my own.

And for this exceptional service they're keeping 10%.

So far I like the battery life (although not all my apps are set up yet).

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I was a bit annoyed that previews of Youtube URLs were kind of broken on my Matrix instance. Did some research and stumbled upon a Greasemonkey script to "fix" it client-side. Made some improvements and ended up with this: gist.github.com/cketti/edbf7ef

I am happy to report that my changes to the IDEA plugin have been merged. In the future the parameter info popup will be much more useful when using named arguments 🥳

I just merged a huge pull request of mine. Still not sure how to feel about it. It's a refactoring that was desperately needed for years. I'm absolutely sure it will make things better in the future. But I'm also fairly certain I just introduced a handful of new bugs. YOLO? 🤷

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