Nice work. Things have a come a long way, "stable" release or not. K9 is already more stable than many other apps I use. Thanks for all the work on one of my most fundamental and commonly used apps.

I have some experience in fundraising, and while it's a big topic, if I might suggest starting out with putting out a release announcement on your blog for each update (including betas) that also reminds people you're working towards a goal of working on k9 full time. Add a progress bar and donation link below. Then you link to each release on social and mention your social accounts on first run of the app and on the About page, to get people to those release announcements.

@Blort The progress bar would show what percentage of the funding goal has been reached?

@cketti nice post! I have been looking intently for a replacement my current email app; gonna keep an eye on K-9 moving forward.

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