Google removed @k9mail from the Play Store without prior notice because they objected to the following text in the app description (that has been the same for more than a year):

(People sometimes call K-9: K9, K9 Mail, K-9 Email, K9 Email, K9 E-Mail, k9mail or k9email.)

This isn't the first time. And I'm sure the app will be available again soon.
Still, it's very annoying. You'd think a track record of 10+ years of non-malicious behavior would buy you at least another set of eyes before the app is removed.

@cketti @k9mail what precisely is the crime in that sentence?

They are really cleaning house in their play store all while being their usual douchebag selves. Sorry to hear this is affecting you now :/

@yarmo "The app's full description contains improper formatting (including but not limited to repetitive or unrelated keywords or references)"

And THAT is their reason for them to remove the app! I think that it's pretty clear what they are doing!

Mental. At least give prior warning, and a reason, so that remedial action can be taken. Mind you, I left G Suite without prior warning and reason… 😁

@cketti @k9mail it's 2020, how are people still shocked that if you play in google's walled garden, you have to play by their rules?

@craftyguy @k9mail It's 2020, how are people still shocked that randomly enforcing rules without prior notice are leading to obvious reactions by developers and users alike?

@cketti @craftyguy @k9mail Totally agree. Walled gardens are here and for better or worse they are a requirement for most developers. Expecting rules to be fairly enforced is paramount.

@josias @cketti @craftyguy @k9mail spoken by someone who is not a developer and is not trying to buy food. 😉

@josias @cketti @craftyguy @k9mail
Of course if f-droid implemented a payment system that didn't just suggest someone donate for software, I would completely agree with you.

Yeah. That seems to stem from a bigger problem too. We don't have a platform-independent way of easily and securely transferring money.

I hope GNU Taler will be able to help with this in the future.

@cketti @craftyguy @k9mail @fdroidorg

@josias @Phaserune @craftyguy @k9mail Android allows sideloading apps and hence isn't a "walled garden". Apps in software repositories (app stores) are always subject to rules set out by the people operating the repository. F-Droid is just much better than Google Play at enforcing their rules.

@cketti @k9mail if you continue to put your hand on a hot stove, you will get burned. More news at 11!

I don't understand: granted I'm using Aurora Store, but it should not change the result I think, and K9 still appears there...

@silmathoron @k9mail I see it too. I think what they meant was a threat to remove it, wasn't it @cketti?

@ashwinvis @silmathoron @k9mail The app was "removed" ("suspended" probably describes it more accurately, but "removed" is the terminology they use) by Google, we updated the description, waited half a day for Google to approve the change, and now the app is back on Google Play.

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