This is your periodic reminder that you shouldn't write new code in a memory unsafe language. And please try to migrate old code to a memory safe language. ❤️

@jordan31 That's a matter of taste 😃 If you're into that sort of pain, go right ahead. Just keep it limited to your private projects 😜

@cketti I write some C, but *never* anything complex.

I've been enjoying Haskell recently, Vala is quite nice, and I'm kind-of cooling on my longtime enthusiasm for Python.

@cketti If you don't like it, don't use it. I'm not forcing you to use my program. Memory safety is a hassle for certain developers, and the memory safe languages often have "features" which make them undesirable.

I use the languages I do because they work for me. Other "better" languages have cons like odd syntax or annoying paradigms that get in the way of me actually programming.

I appreciate your sentiment, but "don't write in memory unsafe languages" is far too aggressive in my opinion.

@skunksarebetter Then let me rephrase. If you're using a memory unsafe language and you can't be sure your application will never encounter untrusted input, you're not doing everything you can to keep your users as safe as possible.

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