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Looks like I missed some updates of the AndroidX Core library 😴 It now contains my fixed version of the MailTo class. So I deprecated the MailToCompat library and updated the corresponding blog post.

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A big shout-out to our 4.300 supporting members ❤ You allow us to effectively enforce the GDPR every day, thank you.
Not a member yet? Then #InvestInPrivacy and become a noyb supporting member today! ➡

#GDPR #DSGVO #RGPD #Datenschutz #Privacy

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I've put together some details for folk interested in working with #Android Firmware (#AOSP, Lineage, etc.) about what the development cycle looks like. Let me know if you find it useful or think there should be changes made.

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Hello Mastodon, we finally made it 🎉 We are a pan-european NGO with one specific goal: to make privacy a reality. noyb stands for "none of your business" and pursues strategic and effective enforcement by thoroughly analyzing privacy violations and litigating them. Want to know more about us? Then visit

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Mark Murphy (a.k.a CommonsGuy) about Google's Code Transparency initiative for the soon to be mandatory Android App Bundles.

> In essence, Google has slashed our car tires, and then has generously offered to pay for a lift home.

(I'm sorry, I had to take this quote, please read the article for more useful discussion ;-))

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Head is spinning: now we setup our reproducible builder as a job of itself, just updated (API change in a used library), and the reproducible builder built itself, and the output thereof is exactly the same as one further build step.

Wanting to ask: how reproducible are your reproducible build setups? Do you have written down what the dependencies / a bootstrap thereof looks like (and which packages are involved)? Asking for a friend of a reproducible builder ;)

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We (Sequoia, are looking to hire a devop engineer to maintain and expand our CI, setup some benchmarking infrastructure, keep our web services running like, etc. You should care about privacy and free software. We'd prefer someone living in or near a European timezone. Salary is 43 kEuros/year for 20 hours/week. Salary is not negotiable. Hours are (salary scales linearly). If you are interested, mail me: 8F17777118A33DDA9BA48E62AACB3243630052D9 .

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We moved our chat room from the IRC network that seems to be set on getting rid of its users to Matrix:
The Matrix room is bridged to on @liberachat; for those of you who still prefer IRC.

See you all there 👋

I enjoy listening to GitHub's "The ReadME Podcast" quite a bit ❤️

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If you run your own synapse, you can fix youtube url previews like this:

(It'll also fix twitter image previews.)

Today I learned more about Docker and systemd than I wanted to know 🙁

If you're using matrix-docker-ansible-deploy and need to debug the Signal bridge this might be useful:

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Hi all, Geary is looking for a co-maintainer!

@mjog doesn't have enough time to to do it all by themselves any more, and so is looking for a hand in taking care of day-to-day tasks such as bug triaging and fixing, and working on improving the front-end side of the app in particular.

If you're interested, take a look at the issue tracker, and pitch on in!

If you have any questions, please thread them below or get in touch with @mjog 👇


#Geary #GNOME

I was a bit annoyed that previews of Youtube URLs were kind of broken on my Matrix instance. Did some research and stumbled upon a Greasemonkey script to "fix" it client-side. Made some improvements and ended up with this:

My brain: "Hey, instead of adding 5 lines to this pile of legacy code you could refactor it and finally create proper tests" – Three weeks of refactoring later. "See, that wasn't so bad. Now add your 5 lines over there. Don't bother testing them. That code is trivial." 🥴

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