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My baby of 7 years, taken from me so cruelly 2 months ago, is back in working order.

Time to get a hard drive and set up my own home media server.

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Fun game for the entire family, what do you think this map shows before you look at the legend.

So apparently there is a literal mountain of images of anime characters handling the Demon Core, a famous nuclear core that killed several scientists.

It's literally a meme in Japan. I have no idea why, but liking both nuclear physics and many things from Japan, I can't complain.

Apparently whoever started this trend did so with Touhou characters, so that's also a bonus.

You ever eat something delicious and have to battle this inner conflict between "This was so good, I need more" and "I am full, I can't eat more".

Wanna win an auction that ends at 9 o'clock tomorrow.

I don't think I'm capable of pulling an all-nighter, staying up until it's finished.

But if I go to sleep, the chances of me waking up before 9 o'clock are very slim.

Oh, what to do, what to do...

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From time to time, I'll get asked the question "What does love mean to you?"

I think to me, love is wearing a cozy sweatshirt on a cold night just before the winter solstice with my Christmas tree glowing as the oldies channel plays on the TV now that the sun has gone down and I'm sipping coffee that I made in my percolator from the Svengoolie mug I got for my birthday.

My brother says I'm not "aromantic," that I'm in fact "blackpilled," but he fails to see that love exists outside of physical contact with a another human being and doesn't recognize that there's love in virtually everything. I feel bad for people who can't understand that a lot of love went into the making of a Yankee Candle, or the construction of a plush cat I was given after having major reconstructive surgery in 2011.

Of course, the joke here is that I just put a bunch of my things in a small plastic tub and offered them up to the blue hour sky and said "This, to me, is LOVE." And while it seems like that is the case, I mean every word I say because I don't seek out romantic love from people, I seek romance in the Old West sense of the word-- Christmas lights, the blue hour, or even just a sweatshirt.

Am I wrong for feeling this way? I sure don't think so.

Has anyone else been having trouble accessing YouTube, recently. Their website works fine, but trying to watch through Freetube or download through youtube-dl or the direct link, the speed is capped at 50 kb no matter what I do, which essentially makes viewing impossible (2 minutes of buffering for 1 minute of 480p). All while everything else works perfectly fine and I get constant downloads exceeding 20mb in all other areas.

Mathematics applications for students are the only place where "endless problems" are a sales pitch, not a detriment.

If I have a Ryzen processor with no integrated GPU, what happens when I connect a monitor to an HDMI port on the motherboard? Is the dedicated GPU from the PCI-E slot handling those? What happens if I take it out of the system? Does that mean I just get no video output whatsoever, or I do but it is the CPU doing all the work, making it unsuitable for anything graphics-intensive?

Shit, weekend's already over.

But I only just started having a good time :(

I wonder what determines what people are good at drawing.

Many people will happily doodle faces and such, but landscapes are a pain.

But some are the exact opposite. I just found an artist who does absolutely stunning environments, but whose characters look like a 3rd grader's work.

Likewise, when I tried drawing, I could not get a character to not look hideous, but any sorts of geometric shapes and shading? That's my favourite.

Every new day is a new opportunity to eat something tasty.

I use a SyncMaster P2350 monitor, a 23 inch, 1080p monitor I picked up at a flea market around 5 years ago for maybe 20 euros.

And today I bought another one, except it's a P2450. The difference is it's an inch larger, and has HDMI input. For mere 10 euros plus shipping.

2021 and I finally get a monitor that doesn't use DVI or VGA. So futuristic and fancy.

Went fairly well, all things considered.

I didn't get to touch uranium, which sucked, but I got to handle Cesium-137, which was neat.

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Got a physics lab in 40 minutes, I've read the paper documenting what we're gonna do but I had a hard time understanding it. I also barely spent any time going over the related material this week, even though I should've.

I feel unprepared and stressed. It's probably gonna turn out okay in the end, but this weight on my chest is not pleasant.

On the other hand, I might get to muck about with actual uranium, so I'm excited.

So I've got this broken PC sitting in my room right now. If I get a new motherboard for it, it'll be functional again, and adding a GPU and SSD to it will turn it into a modern, snappy, game-capable machine.

But I already have that. So if I get it working again, what would be something neat to use it for?

Children and grocery stores...
Do you (would you) take children (I mean like <5 y. old) grocery shopping with you?

I just wondered about this when getting back home from a store. The young ones are incredibly obnoxious, and I feel like exposing them to all the eye-catching and mouth-watering stuff before they have any concept of "paying for things" is at best bad for the wallet and at worst damaging for them, turning them into little consumers before they even know how not to piss themselves.

Difficult math problems are great. It's exhilarating when you finally find the solution.

You ever just laugh uncontrollably at something completely nonsensical, yet still immensely entertaining?

It's the best kind of laugh.

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