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Browsing through my home feed just now, there's like a dozen messages about Facebook being down.

Why is it that a service being down is such news, lately? Facebook, that one CDN, Twitter, why is it such a big deal? Just go do something else for a while, it's gonna come back eventually.

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If someone asks you to explain the gap in your resume, just say "I can't answer that without violating an NDA."

It's a really cool way to tell them to fuck off. They don't have to know that the NDA was issued by you to you, and signed by you on behalf of you.

Imagine being so stuck in the boomer mindset to come up with a quote like that and say it with a straight face. How the hell does gender relate to cooking?! "Oh, I'd like to make this, but I have a penis, oh well, gotta find a woman for this"

Obviously if pressed on it he'd say that yeah, it doesn't matter, but he clearly thinks it subconsciously to say bullshit like that. Sexism at its finest, and damn irritating to hear things like these on a regular basis.

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I heard this yesterday and I'm still salty about it. I was talking to my mom about some recipes for food I'd like to know. Asked her about one meal I really like, and she said that it's kinda tricky for a beginner.

Then my father, in his infinite wisdom, remarked that "Not even every housewife* can make those, much less a guy".

(*The word used was "gospodyni", which literally means 'a female caretaker of a household' but in practice is indistinguishable from 'housewife')

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This was secretly a test to see if my handwriting (where v and r are the same thing just at a barely different angle) is legible :D

Of course, I did want to know the answer, too. Gotta read up on NATs

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Computer Science / Networking question

Can anyone tell me how this works?

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What an idiotic website... I was editing a post, and after hitting send it just said I took too long to edit. So now my edit (which apparently took a long time to write) is gone, even if I went back to the form, the edit wasn't saved. Wasting my time...

Spaghetti is one of the tastiest foods on Earth.

This is a major pet peeve I've seen in several games.

You have keyboard support, why aren't the instructions provided for a keyboard when I am using a keyboard. And that's in a game that's exclusive to Windows, too.

Ayy, let me just find that round yellow Y somewhere, then reach around the back for that RT.

Several times now I've been questioned why I would buy a movie on Blu-Ray if I've already seen it. And it's such a weird question, why does it only apply to movies? What about songs? "Hey, why did you save this song in a playlist if you've already listened to it?" sounds silly, doesn't it? Yet it's the exact same thing. I experienced it, and it was good. I want to experience it more, later.

I don't get how people can just watch whatever and be content with watching it once.

Progressive symphonic metal? Yes please.

Wonderful song. The original is one of my favorite songs from Touhou, so seeing a metal cover of it that does it justice is great. And it's released under Creative Commons, too!

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"Aren't you müde from writing Rust programs in English? Do you like saying "scheiße" a lot? Would you like to try something different, in an exotic and funny-sounding language? Would you want to bring some German touch to your programs?

rost (German for Rust) is here to save your day, as it allows you to write Rust programs in German, using German keywords, German function names, German idioms."

GitHub - michidk/rost: Rust programming, in German.

A = N, B = Z
f : N -> Z
f(2n) = n, n = 0,1,2...
f(2n-1) = -n, n=1,2,3...

That's the procedure for mapping the set of natural numbers to the set of whole numbers.

Seems simple when it's explained, but what if it isn't? Because in the book it wasn't. It basically just gives the above 4 statements and says "If you don't get it, think about it more".

At first I didn't even fully get what was going on, thinking that the two n's are different and wasn't sure which one was being defined.

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Is writing a college textbook the favourite job of bad writers?

I've been reading some (one for math and one for physics), and I frequently have to "pause and ponder". Not because some statement is counter-intuitive or has interesting implications, but because it's written so badly, I have to read it 5 times over just to figure out what the hell the author is even trying to say...

New books have the most intoxicating, wonderful smell.

Installing Windows 10 is about as unfun as OS installation can get. There's nothing to do, nothing to look at. Something like Arch or Gentoo is involved, something like Debian is simple but doesn't hide what it's doing, letting you wonder "Fstab? GRUB? What's that?" etc.

Then there's Windows, which is just 30 minutes of "Please wait" and "It'll take a moment". And then, once you finally boot into it, you have to spend like 30 more minutes just to apply updates.

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