I'm not trying to shit on Markdown. Like I said, I've used it in the past and it did its job and felt comfortable to use.

I'm just wondering, if I'm also comfortable formatting text with HTML, is there anything Markdown can offer as an advantage?

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So, Markdown.

...Why is it so popular?

I feel like I'm missing something. It doesn't feel any easier to read than HTML, Sure, **text** is faster to type than <b>text</b>, but the HTML is viewable right away, whereas the MD has to be parsed and turned into HTML first, before it can be viewed, so what's the point?

I looked at markdownguide.org and I've worked with a few MD files in the past. It's comfortable and does its job, but so does HTML for me.

@kzimmermann I played some more, this time joining a server across the sea that had some players, and the game got a lot more fun when I wasn't up against lowkey-aimbots lol

It doesn't have depth the likes of CS:GO, but for if you just want some fast-paced shootin', I think it's pretty good. And the builder class gives some good value for team pushes and coordinated plays.

@kzimmermann I just tried it. Coming from TF2 and old DOOM, this is seriously fast paced, I imagine it's almost Quake-like in speed.

The biggest problem for me so far was that the muzzle flashes are so intense, if you have 2 or more humans in one place it's like asking for an epileptic shock. And the baseline alien's ability to climb walls is nauseating.

That said, getting chased around by a blood-crazed maniac with an electric chainsaw or a flame thrower is stupidly fun, I recommend :D

@XxAlexXx With playback issues like that it's always best to just download the video and play it offline.

Saw this scene and immediately had an idea for text to put over it.

@fristi For any unfortunate souls who may not know, that banger is Broken Moon, from the game Touhou 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

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So @frederic is doing some UX research and would like to gather user feedback.

Unfortunately it's a Google Form, but if you want to take part, link is below.

Frederic reassures me that no sensitive data is collected.


You know what's bizarre to me.

Telephone numbers.

Why are they so different everywhere you go? The US has 10-digit phone numbers and they somehow manage to substitute some numbers for letters (like wtf is "1-800-CALL"). Poland has 9 digits. Sweden has 10 digits but the first digit is always a 0 so it's sort of pointless. Then there's Japan, where numbers apparently can have 7 or 12 digits and they all include a special "regional exchange code".

How do phones make sense of all this?!

From the perspective of open access and libre software, how would you rate your city's digital infrastructure? Would you be able to, say, find a dining place and get a bus ticket to get there using only F&OS software?

TIL that Lantmäteriet, a Swedish authority, has made 1:1 replicas of the entire country's map. Most of it is just a bird's eye view without many details, but some areas were given more attention.

Here's a perfect replica of Gothenburg.

@Iutech Perhaps you could try accessing it with a different utility, like gdisk, or a GUI-based one? Alternatively, access the drive through whichever partition it lets you and create a new GPT partition.

@owl Apparently before the take-down requests, Stockholm attempted to just generally block data access from the app. Guess they were salty that their precious 10^9 kr investment was trash.

Furthermore, Stockholm also blocks database access for "Jagvillhavaccin", a site that's meant to tell you when and how you can get vaccinated against covid in each province. An identical, french-equivalent site got its designer awarded with an Order of Merit, by contrast.

@owl Their website states that the Education Director reported the app and people behind the app to the police, after repeatedly asking them to take down bits of code related to their proprietary API.

The more I hear about Windows 11, the better it makes Windows 10 look. Windows 10 was just a polished version of Windows 8, with lots more tracking and other annoyances. Windows 11 seems to just be Windows 10 with a slightly different skin and even more tracking and annoyances.

@sakkara Well, I imagine everyone needs logic sooner or later :P

As for math, it depends entirely on what you'll be programming. I personally never had to write code that required more than middle-school maths. Obviously that won't do if you're trying to do physics simulations or something, but that just strengthens the point that this is very dependent on what programs you actually want to make.

Honestly, I dislike almost every single thing about that screenshot.

I may not like MacOS' design, but at least it does a decent job of looking fancy. Windows just took the bad parts of that and made some abomination.

@Linux4Everyone Installing Windows is one of the most annoying things.

- Please wait... sign up
- No
- Okay, please wait... sign up
- No
- Okay, please wait... sign up
- N- Hey, where did the "No" button go?!

When I have to install it in a VM, I intentionally disable internet. If Windows so much as gets one packet through it'll harrass you forever and not let you install without making like a dozen different accounts.

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