Yo how do I run an executable script that requires sudo privileges, without ever touching the command line? I want it to just prompt me for my password the GUI way and be done with it.

How do I write a script so that, instead of just failing and doing nothing, it brings this up?

Excuse me? What is this? Why does a video file have two SAR and two DAR attributes? I didn't notice this and spent 3 hours re-encoding, only to get a square image...

My baby of 7 years, taken from me so cruelly 2 months ago, is back in working order.

Time to get a hard drive and set up my own home media server.

So apparently there is a literal mountain of images of anime characters handling the Demon Core, a famous nuclear core that killed several scientists.

It's literally a meme in Japan. I have no idea why, but liking both nuclear physics and many things from Japan, I can't complain.

Apparently whoever started this trend did so with Touhou characters, so that's also a bonus.

Computer Science / Networking question

Can anyone tell me how this works?

This is a major pet peeve I've seen in several games.

You have keyboard support, why aren't the instructions provided for a keyboard when I am using a keyboard. And that's in a game that's exclusive to Windows, too.

Ayy, let me just find that round yellow Y somewhere, then reach around the back for that RT.

Ah, yes, 12.7 GB of RAM used just to give me a Japanese input method.

Go home, fcitx, you're drunk.

My baby's back and it's better than ever!

It was 4cores/4threads and 8GB of RAM, now it's 6cores/12threads and 16GB.

Reading Debian Reference.

What is this. Why is this. Who named this.

Eyy, got it working. Turns out it's way easier to just install Chrome than to modify the code to work for Firefox.

Found this gem of a disclaimer while looking for alternatives. Reminds me of that one e-mail circulating around of a professor telling their students about SciHub.

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Because they're not even trying to hide the Studio Ghibli "inspiration"

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I had no idea they made this in languages other than English.

If you look very closely you can see that the text on the monitor is just an image put on top of the original.

Funny that I discovered it now (pulled it off a DVD I purchased a long time ago), the same day that bought a DVD at a second-hand store and it turned out to be a pirate copy.

That's some beefy 0% to withstand another 60 seconds.

Emergency Professional High-Temp Workstation Countermeasure

Pulled a metal thing out of an oven, put the laptop on it. Propped it up on some books to improve air intake and aimed a fan at it.

Looks like crap but hey, the temps are down like 15 degrees :D

I would just torture my PC instead, the ol' geezer can take it, but it's actually significantly slower than the laptop, so re-encoding a single movie would take 6 hours. On the laptop it takes 4.

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Knowing and experiencing are very different.

For the longest time I've known "monitors and printers produce colours by combining three base colours, either RGB or CMYK".

But now I scanned a coloured thing with a high-resolution scanner and actually saw the dots of each colour making up a complex colour, and it's just so neat.

It also proves that in CMYK lack of colour means white, as the white area has no blobs. The rest, when zoomed out, looks like a metallic silver.

I assume most people here know what GIMP looks like without an image loaded (see image 1 if you don't).

Well, I don't know how many of you know that there's a very small chance Wilber's eyes will turn red for a split second (see image 2)

The first time I saw it, I thought I was just imagining things, especially since almost nobody mentioned this anywhere. You really have to have the window open for like an hour to see it, and even then you might not.

It never fails to spook me...

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