Tidied up the cabling and expanded it to accept 7-bit inputs, resulting in 8-bit outputs. Unreasonably large and with a clock speed of "very slow", but at least the project is complete and it was fun.

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I just wanted to hook it up to some levers and lamps, to make the "user interface" less janky, and I accidentally made it twice as big and turned it from neat-looking to an absolute disaster. But hey, at least it's working...?

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This little badonkadonk is a full binary adder I just made in Minecraft, currently working on 4-bit numbers but it can be expanded indefinitely by just copy-pasting the individual blocks.

In the screenshot it's adding 0111 and 1101 to get 10100.

No doubt been done many times in the past, but hey, it's one thing to look up how someone else did it, and another to make your own from scratch.

Is this tech enough to post here...

I like CDs. Even if the first thing I do after buying a CD is rip it to the computer and hardly ever pick it up again, just having it on the shelf to pick up occasionally and look at the artwork is nice.

So when there's an album I like, but it's never been released on CD; what to do... make my own CD, that's what :P

I designed the inside and back cover myself. I also have artwork for the disk itself, but I do not have the tools to stick it on :(

Can someone well-versed in... uh... I don't know, just generally more experienced in Linux than me, help me understand why this thing works?

I run my OS (Mint) in 1080p resolution. I run the script in the image to launch a game in 1600x1200 resolution. While the game runs, it's in 1600x1200, but if I exit the game, the OS returns to 1920x1080. Even if I Alt+Tab out of the game and back in, it effortlessly switches between the resolutions.

It's good that way, but how the heck does it do that?

Mostly finished with my silly project of making a system look old despite not being old.

What is this?
How do you update a removal?
What are you doing, Windows?

First time I'm seeing a negative download speed.

Go home, Freenet, you're drunk.

Wikipedia sure is confusing for people unfamiliar with the plot of Shrek 2

Although the local timeline is filled with people casually doing things many times more impressive, it still makes me excited so dangit I'm gonna share.

Getting Arch Linux (my first look at Linux beyond Debian) not only to work, but also to run smoothly in a VM (that's a first for me, everything always chugged for some reason) is the most impressive tech thing I've done in months.

So here's my entry into (It's actually 3 AM on Monday for me, but shh...)

I had to retry the installation FOUR TIMES because I was having some big problems with the network, and it still looks very rough and there's much to do, but I can at least honestly use the phrase "I use Arch, by the way"

Holy crap, internet, why the hate. The only other time I got results directly opposite to what I was searching for was when I looked up "the earth is flat"

Some people complain about modern phones having much shorter battery lives than their predecessors...

...I just managed to use my 5,5-year old smartphone for an entire week without charging.

The reason modern phones last shorter is because we use them so much more. If you used it just for texting and calling, and didn't have unnecessary features and programs running, they can last a long time, too.

Spotted in a TF2 match not too long ago.

Would've been even better if they used a penguin rather than Tux.

Got a Blu-Ray in the mail today. It includes a free digital copy, but I can't redeem it because Funimation isn't available where I live.

So if any of you would like a copy of Nichijou: My Ordinary life, the code is in the image.

First come, first serve!


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