turned off the computer, cleaned the insides with compressed air, plugged it back in and now the system doesn't boot? What the heck happened, why am I getting the GRUB prompt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


I re-installed GRUB through a Live CD and now it works. Which is good, but how on earth does GRUB get corrupted from me just turning the computer off and cleaning it inside?

@cirno Filesystem corruption of /boot perhaps? If you got the Grub prompt that means that grub itself didn't get corrupted.

@cirno The GRUB configuration may have been changed while the computer was on. It could have been corrupted for a while and you wouldn't have noticed until you restarted.

@cirno Static electricity? Cosmic rays?

Most likely something got corrupted while the computer was running, but it only came out when it tried to boot.

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