Fixed my old computer, got everything ready and set up an Apache server, plus a Nextcloud instance, connected everything to a domain I own and it's all so beautiful.

Last leg of the journey - figuring out how to do samba share between two computers that are connected directly with an Ethernet cable.

You might need a crossover cable. I ping works, the cable is good.
Then try using the IP adress instead of the server name. Most problems come from name resolution.

@GirthyChode @rudolf @cirno Should just be able to set static IPs on both and just use IP addresses, if you don't want to set up a DHCP server or whatever. I did it for awhile before setting up a DHCP server on my NAS; my homelab is actually routerless (although I do have a switch, but there are a couple of non-switched connections that work fine)

@GirthyChode @trekkie1701c @rudolf Well, what I did was "sudo ip ad add dev eth0" on one machine and on the other. When pinging and trying to SSH, I am using these IPs, not any domain names.

Pinging works just fine but I cannt SSH, SCP, anything like that. They just return "Permission denied, please try again" after entering a password.

@GirthyChode I just realized that I did a stupid, those commands set the IP of my machine, not of the other. So I was unknowingly pinging localhost and thining it worked fine. Trying to actually ping the other machine gives me Destination Port Unreachable.

@cirno @GirthyChode It depends on your distro/what you use to manage interfaces. I know for example, that Ubuntu used ifupdown in 16.04 and replaced it with NetPlan in 18.04 though it is possible to change that. But there's usually a config file you can edit and set the interface to use a specific IP address.

@trekkie1701c @GirthyChode Yup, I did that. I also did another stupid, namely everything was set up correctly but I just had a VPN enabled on one of the machines, which prevent these sort of local connections. Disabling the VPN made everything work - pinging, ssh, scp and even samba.

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