Can I just take a moment to say that the Steam client on Linux is an absolute abomination

- If you ever engage a dropdown, that thing will stay on screen forever, unless you completely close steam. Like, it will even persist above full-screen applications.
- I cannot drag-and-drop files into chat. I have to use the Select File dialog, which defaults to the Steam folder, so if a file I want to share is on the desktop I gotta go /root/home/[user]/Desktop/filename.jpg

- It is literally impossible to save artwork from the community hub, It'll hang and eventually just start an Open File dialog, so I have to find the direct link to the artwork (which is a hassle in itself), copy-paste it into the browser and download it that way.

And that's just it working as intended. Apparently many people have trouble getting the thing to work, in the first place.

Valve's doing amazing work with Proton, but their client one of the most horrible pieces of software I've seen.


@rudolf Never used that, so I guess I'm lucky...?

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