I wonder what determines what people are good at drawing.

Many people will happily doodle faces and such, but landscapes are a pain.

But some are the exact opposite. I just found an artist who does absolutely stunning environments, but whose characters look like a 3rd grader's work.

Likewise, when I tried drawing, I could not get a character to not look hideous, but any sorts of geometric shapes and shading? That's my favourite.

@neo Practice is what makes you better at drawing. If you suck at drawing faces, if you keep drawing them, you'll get better, sure.

What I mean is that there seems to be a difference in quality based on what's being drawn. The same person at the same time (meaning same proficiency) will draw underwhelming landscapes but great characters. There are predispositions sure but practice is the one constant.

@cirno I guess that's called specialized. it's impossible to master every kind of art.
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