Children and grocery stores...
Do you (would you) take children (I mean like <5 y. old) grocery shopping with you?

I just wondered about this when getting back home from a store. The young ones are incredibly obnoxious, and I feel like exposing them to all the eye-catching and mouth-watering stuff before they have any concept of "paying for things" is at best bad for the wallet and at worst damaging for them, turning them into little consumers before they even know how not to piss themselves.

@cirno people often don’t have an option - childcare is real expensive…

@cirno as someone without kids bring them and let them throw a tantrum in public. I will mock them in the store by making faces at them. I love seeing their confused faces and their irrational breakdowns. It makes me feel better for still not having kids at 35.

@cirno Kids also have to learn to live in the world around other people and around things you can buy without buying them. I don’t think there’s a better way to teach them than exposure, and the grocery store is probably one of the less offensive places to do it. Better than a sit down restaurant.

@cirno ah, the age-old pastime of criticizing parental decisions from the privileged and blissfully ignorant position of non-parenthood.

@bhart I wouldn't call it a priviledge to be free of children if 99% of people burden themselves with children voluntarily.

It is blissfully ignorant, for sure, and I like it that way.

@cirno, this seems like a really weird question. Were you not taken to the grocery store when you were little?

As for obnoxious behavior, it’s the parents’ job to teach them that it’s not something they should do, because they don’t know how to behave until someone teaches them. Some people are better at this than others, asks kids have better days than others anyway.

Before even teaching about the concept of payment, a more important lesson is, “you don’t get everything you want”.

@cirno If I felt going to supermarket was setting a bad example to kids, I myself wouldn't go.

Also, it's paradoxically important to expose children to some advertising and supermarkey psyops, so they can filter it out for the rest of their lives.

It's just like how children develop better eating habits responsibly eating junk food than not having any in the house and eating a plate full of party rings when they go to a birthday party (based on a real story).

Now that the poll is finished, I wonder where the 43% who wouldn’t take their kids expect to leave them when they do go. Paying a baby sitter every time (it’s going to be multiple times a week, just you wait)? Close enough to your parents or in-laws that they’ll watch them? How long is that going to last?

Maybe you stop going and get delivery all the time? More viable now than even a couple of years ago, I guess.

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