Imagine, if you will - Lawless Mondays.

Every monday, not a single law applies to you, and you cannot be prosecuted for anything you do on a monday.

But just as you can do anything, so can other people. So if you go down to a store to steal some stuff, expect to meet some resistance.

What do you think people would do on mondays?

@cirno kill other people that have opinions they dislike

@cirno you know this is basically the plotline for “The Purge” film series?

@cirno So it's weekly purge? You'd live in Fallout's wasteland by the end of the month.

@cirno I think people would hate it even more than it already is

@cirno So, anarchy. Well, I’m my life experience, I think people do whatever they can get away with. Their morals are based on consequences. Really bad things would happen. Some wouldn’t like it and would be powerful / smart enough to protect the weak, and thus new mini communities (gangs even) would form.

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