What are patents good for, besides making money for the patent holder?

@cirno They feed isolation, in the sense of "this knowledge is mine and not yours, therefore I amplify my power over yours, screw you loser! :phil:

@werwolf @cirno Gives you access to that knowledge or technology in your commercial application. Or selling that as a product

@XxAlexXx @cirno knowledge shouldn't be priced. Neither should technology.

It impedes the advancement of society and causes injustices

@werwolf @cirno Knowledge, yes it shouldn't be priced. But the use of your schrmatics for selling a project you worked hqrd on—no

@cirno keeping people from making money off the ideas you had, more like. Because a lot of the time there’s a lot of expensive R&D that is done before you have a useful product, and you don’t want a bigger player to make money from it better than you can once they see it.

@cirno Patents are not necessarily bad, it wasn't just designed for the current world and it's unfortunately abused a lot.

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