Those voice assistants like Alexa have really good robotic voices. Is there a way to feed them text and have 'em read it? I want to make faux audiobooks for some things.
How do I do this? I don't see any back-reference or alias setting on Pleroma...
"We will have flying cars in the future"

I sure fucking hope we don't. We have planes already. That's functional public transport that's maximized for efficiency, and yet it still kills the planet. Flying cars means private jets but everyone has them.

If somebody develops flying cars accessible to the masses I'll develop fucking cheap anti-aircraft weaponry.
What sort of attitude do most people have towards autism?

I know some people who would treat it as a big source of shame or something, but for me the label feels oddly comforting and cute.
Well, this is interesting. Positivity bots on YouTube.

Many different accounts will post the same comments. They seem innocent, but the classic sex bots lurk in the replies. This is under a generic typical Minecraft video.

Hello, world! 

Totally unnecessary thing #15 set up and ready to go.

Guide: "Before enabling the site, get the TLS certificate"
Certbot: "Before we give you the certificate, you need to enable the site"

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Thinking of making my own ActivityPub microblogging server just for fun.

Should I go with Mastodon, Pleroma or Misskey

I can't believe how many times I've gotten fooled today. The most predictable Fools day and it still got me fooled.

Don't know if I should be upset with my naivety or just happy to enjoy some good jokes.

Do disk partitions have any physical manifestation? If I have a spinnin' platter o' data, a.k.a. an HDD, and I have, let's say, two partitions on it, is the data sorted on the platter in any way to separate the two partitions, or are the sectors still being filled normally and it's just the OS seeing things differently?

1. Setup a PCI Passthrough virtual machine
2. Input several KVM flags to avoid detection by spyware
3. Purchase a game, spend 2 hours downloading and installing it.
4. "You have been kicked out of the game by BattlEye"

The one game that all the people I know are playing (Rainbow Six) is the one game I can't play unless I install Windows natively, which I can't do.

So, I can have a folder with a file inside it in Linux. I can then mount something (a partition, whatever) to said folder, so that when I access it, I see the contents of the mounted thing and the old file is gone. Then, I can unmount it, and the old file will still be present there.

What happens to said file while the partition is mounted? Where does it go? Is it accessible still in any way?

Nobody likes leechers

Let's say I've got 5 torrents, 2GB each, for a total of 10GB.

Is it ethically ok to just send back 10GB in total and then remove them from the list.

Or should I make sure to have transferred at least 2GB in each torrent before removing it from the list.

As in, should I not leech off individual files, or the network as a whole.

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