@cypnk Considering the content of your blog and the stuff you often post about, I wonder if you've read a book titled "Off-the-grid: Reassembling Domestic Life" by Phillip Vannini and Jonathan Taggart. I'm reading it right now, and it seems like something right in your area of interest.


What do you think would be the best way to bring down social media bubbles, to encourage more civilised discourse between groups of people with differing beliefs? So that there's an actual discussion and debate, instead of people screaming at one another behind each other's backs.

Some people complain about modern phones having much shorter battery lives than their predecessors...

...I just managed to use my 5,5-year old smartphone for an entire week without charging.

The reason modern phones last shorter is because we use them so much more. If you used it just for texting and calling, and didn't have unnecessary features and programs running, they can last a long time, too.

Could anyone point me to some decent right-wing podcasts?

Has anyone ever heard of (or perhaps even attempted) installing a custom OS on a printer to circumvent the scam that is toner ink?

Spotted in a TF2 match not too long ago.

Would've been even better if they used a penguin rather than Tux.

If y'all had to spend a day without any digital technology, how would you cope with it? Suppose you had a few hours of notice, enough to think of things to do but not enough to stock up on any supplies to stave off boredom. What would you do for the day, do you expect you'd be able to find your footing and do just fine without your phone and computer, or would it be a gigantic interference in your daily routine?

I was browsing some auction site and saw a listing for a (presumably functional) Commodore 64 for around 70 euros. That thing is almost twice as old as me, but I want one so bad, I feel like it'd be incredibly fun to toy with...

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@murtezayesil Perhaps you could contribute to the relevant edit.tosdr.org page? It's currently incomplete; I don't think they've got as far as section 8 yet.

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We're thrilled to say that Fosstodon is now a proud member of the .

This is thanks to all the donations our members make, where any excess funding is donated to worthy projects.

If you want to contribute, see hub.fosstodon.org/support-us


US Politics are so divisive now... when Trump won, liberals cried endlessly. When Biden won, republicans besieged the capitol.

Those of you who paid attention to politics 15-25 years ago, was it the same back when Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr. etc. were in power? Were there also rioters and people proclaiming the end of democracy? If not, what had changed?

Also, is buying from eBay any better? They're pretty big as well, I wonder if they're also scummy like Amazon...

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So, Amazon is bad. But how to live without it? So many things that I don't even know where to buy if not there, or if they are available, they're often much more expensive.

If I shop at the website but only but things that aren't "Dispatched and sold by Amazon", does that make things better? If I see a retailer there and then try to find a place outside of Amazon where the retailer sells the item, does that make me not help Amazon?

Where can I get anime blu-rays in Europe help

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Figured, if I want anyone to actually read it, I should at least mention somewhere that it exists :)


A blog entry in which I discuss why it's important to question our habits and presuppositions, and why I don't believe our current way of life and developmental trends to be sustainable long-term.

I value and encourage discussion, so if anything I wrote sounds like rubbish, feel free to send a toot telling me so. But try to be constructive, as well!

Just a clarification. The Blu-Ray was bought from the US, and the page says the code will only work in the country the Blu-Ray was purchased in, so I guess it's a US exclusive.

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Got a Blu-Ray in the mail today. It includes a free digital copy, but I can't redeem it because Funimation isn't available where I live.

So if any of you would like a copy of Nichijou: My Ordinary life, the code is in the image.

First come, first serve!

What would y'all do if you wanted to keep in touch with someone but that someone just doesn't want to switch from a privacy-invasive platform to a more friendly one?

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Think is just a censorship-avoiding Browser? Think again.

This is some of the Tor ecosystem today, with all the features and programs that you can run with or through it, making use of both the and circumvention it provides.

Screenshot from the State of The Onion 2020 presentation.

Keep up the good work, @torproject !

Fuck Google, honestly.

Today is the 3rd of 4th time where I lost access to a Google account because they just randomly decided to request a verification code from a phone number I haven't used in three years.

They also hate Tor users.

They consolidate the web, then make it difficult to access.

They want you to give up your life for the sake of convenience, but they can't even provide that convenience half the time. It's a joke. If they were gone tomorrow, the world would be a better place.

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