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Has anyone ever encountered video stored in a CDR format? I want to re-encode it from MPEG to H264 to save space, but FFmpeg seems to not know how to handle it, it throws errors and crashes.

I can open it with VLC, which means I can record it there while it's playing and then re-encode the recording, but the video is 5 hours long, so I'd rather save that as a last-ditch effort...

So I was encoding a video on my laptop. Then I wondered "The fan has been going at top speed for the last 2 hours, I wonder what the temperatures are like".

93 degrees Celsius.

If it was 80, I would've been okay. But 90+? Now I'm actually getting worried for the machine's health.

Thankfully, I put it on a colder surface next to the open window and it seems to have brought it down to 85 degrees.

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And then there are people who, even though nothing *has* to be done right away for them, they still don't like it. A 2 hour nap is unacceptable, if you're not doing something, you're wasting time.

Personally, I cherish this privilege of mine and think it does wonders for my mental health, so seeing people reject it so strongly makes me feel like they're missing out on something great. But I guess that's the effect of 40 years of living in a world where "work or starve" is the status quo.

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One of the things I like about my life the most, that I'll possibly have to let go of for university/work is being able to take a random, 2 hour nap, and wake up afterwards without feeling the need to make up for it in any way.

Sure, I could've "gotten stuff done" in those 2 hours, but nothing *had* to be done then, so I can just take the break, sleep, and resume doing stuff when I wake up. I like that.

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Output size is 1.4GB, of which video is 500MB while audio is 900MB. I guess that it so be expected from anime, but still, having more audio than video in a video file just feels wrong.

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Speaking of killing my CPU, maybe before I start the encoding I should clean it up. Haven't done that in 10 months or so and the fan sounds like a jet engine during heavy use.

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FFmpeg: "HEVC offers same quality at lower bitrate compared to AVC"
Me: "Oh, neat, I'll use that, then"
Me: *explicitly states bitrate in the command to be the same as the AVC source*

I am not smart.

On the other hand, I just found a way to preserve all my Blu-Rays and DVDs in a way where even going frame-by-frame in GIMP I can hardly tell the difference, yet I magically save 70% of space. It will require like 90 hours of killing my CPU with encoding, but hey, nothing comes free.

I just watched the first episode of Breaking Bad for the first time.

I have not been this excited to watch the second episode of something in a looong time.

Has anyone ever gotten Fcitx to work with Qt applications?

Whatever way Linux Mint and Manjaro configure Fcitx, it just works. But on Arch, where I have to do it myself, I've got a Plasma desktop going with a bunch of KDE applications and I just cannot get the damn thing to work no matter what. The input method works in the browser... and that's about it, no other applications react to it. I've got the qt and gtk modules installed.

Well, turns out I actually did figure out how to encrypt the full disk with LVM on LUKS.

I just forgot to regenerate grub.cfg after passing the kernel parameters...

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I thought I managed to figure out how to enable full disk encryption in Arch.

But it didn't boot up.It seemed like I made a spelling error, writing somewhere "shitshow-root" instead of "shitshow/root"

After I finally figured out how to boot into the encrypted volume from the live ISO, I scoured it in search of the offending line, but cannot find it. No idea where the system is pulling it from.

Guess I haven't managed to figure out full disk encryption, after all.

It's got jumpscares from time to time, but it's not even that that's getting the better of me. The distorted faces and the weird imagery, the whole thing just has this style that feels like it was designed to mess with my weak points.

Every five minutes I'm like "I don't wanna do this anymore", not because it's boring or bad, but because I'm a bundle of nerves and expect it only to get worse.

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So I'd like to think I'm decent at dealing with horror. I played a bunch of horror games, watched several ARGs and read Creepypastas.

But this thing, The Walten Files, is more unnerving than 99% of that. After just 10 minutes I had to quit fullscreen mode, and even though I'm still going, I'm closinig my eyes frequently and I'm certain that some of the imagery will haunt me at night for weeks to come.

Knowing and experiencing are very different.

For the longest time I've known "monitors and printers produce colours by combining three base colours, either RGB or CMYK".

But now I scanned a coloured thing with a high-resolution scanner and actually saw the dots of each colour making up a complex colour, and it's just so neat.

It also proves that in CMYK lack of colour means white, as the white area has no blobs. The rest, when zoomed out, looks like a metallic silver.

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Lies, you need at least 20MB of JavaScript to make any functional web page, everybody knows that

Just watched Dr. Strangelove. A cold war satire made in '64, at the height of the cold war.

This Stanley Kubric guy had the guts to end it with a happy melody sung over a montage of nukes blowing up. In 1964. That's courage.

Does anyone know of a good starter place to find some good international movies? I wish to watch some movies from places I normally wouldn't ever hear from, like Africa, South America, China, the Balkans, etc. but I'm not sure where to start my search.

There is a spiderweb above my desk with two spiders. The smaller one is constantly nudging the bigger one, as if trying to get its attention. I can't tell if they'll fight or frick. Time will tell. For now, I'm intrigued

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