Hi @tmpod, Thank you for your financial contribution to Cinny 🙏 - it makes a difference! 🎉 😊


Cinny v1.3.1 is out. This release fixes bugs with high CPU usages and infinite loading. We have also tuned colors in dark theme.

Check at: app.cinny.in | github.com/ajbura/cinny/releas

Finally!! We have landed the spaces to Cinny. You can navigate nesting of spaces and pin the one you like to sidebar.

Check them at app.cinny.in Release: github.com/ajbura/cinny/releas

[IMPORTANT] Cinny v1.2.1 is out.

This release contains a fix for a security vulnerability and it is therefore recommend to upgrade as soon as possible.

Spaces are soon to become a real thing!

P.S. Don't tell my developers that I have posted this picture here.🤫


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