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Custom emojis, stickers, and various other features and fixes just landed in Cinny v2.1.1

Go grab it while it's fresh!
Check out:


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Love stickers and using Matrix?
Maybe like me you really like Telegram stickers, but now you have all your chats bridged in one app?

I programmed a simple bot that lets you import Telegram stickers directly into any Matrix room. It's alpha and not ready for public hosting, but you can host it for yourself or for people you know.


#telegram #matrix #stickers #chat #bridge

New release: v2.2.0

Adds Image lightbox, fix commands, improve notifications and markdown. And yes, up-arrow edit!

Read the full-changelog:

We just pushed a security release of Cinny. Please update to v2.1.3 if you are self-hosting.

If using our hosted versions already got the update, all you need is to refresh (maybe clear cache too if you were hit by the vulnerability).

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Custom emojis and stickers in Cinny, a new version of the Ruby SDK for Matrix, and a performance testing tool for Matrix homeservers? That and much more happened This Week in Matrix!

A patch release is out fixing issues with uploading animated emoji/stickers, pre-filling file names, and some markdown issues.


Custom emojis, stickers, and various other features and fixes just landed in Cinny v2.1.1

Go grab it while it's fresh!
Check out:


Cinny boosted seems like a pretty great matrix client. It allows displaying nested spaces in a way that matches the discord room organisation

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I found a new Matrix cleint that interests me. It's called "Cinny". What is awesome about it is that they have a port for Ubuntu Touch. It isn't made by the main dev team but by a man named Nitan Alexandru Marcel. The project home page is here:

They accept donations through various means such as their Open Collective.

Nitan Alexandrian Marcel accepts donations through Paypal and Github. I suggest if you're an Ubuntu Touch user who is benefiting from Cinny to try to support him and other Ubuntu Touch developers when possible.

#cinny #matrix #ubuntutouch #linux #foss
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@itsfoss pretty sure @cinnyapp is "better" than some mentioned in there. Oh well, opinions

v2.0.4 of Cinny is out. It fixes some crashes and copy-paste issues in the desktop app.

We have also started building a Docker image for arm64 ( and Flatpak (


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Cinny (@cinnyapp), a relatively sleek #Matrix client, looks good and feels really snappy – compared to #Element. Especially the web version. The desktop app (wrapped with #Tauri btw, not #Electron, & available as #AppImage) is fine too, but I can't stand smooth scrolling – is there a way to disabled it, maybe even globally for all #Tauri/#Electron apps?

Woo-hoo! Wait is over... Cinny now supports session verification as well as it has a desktop app now.

There are tons of other features that landed in v2.0.0.

Live on:
Check release:

Are you looking for a Matrix client that fully support spaces with an elegant interface?

Well that's what we just added to Cinny in v1.8.0.

Check it out:

Hello folks!

There's going to be a introductory lightening talk about Cinny in 's Matrix stand.

Spread the word and hope to see you there! :)


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🗞️ TWIM is out!

An update of's Matrix client Fractal, Nheko and, custom emoji support in, Synapse making progress for fast room joins (soon™) and much more… it's been a rich week in Matrix!

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