I bought it, and it is glorious

This stinger has the extras of a luxury car, the performance of a sports car, and the price tag of a middle of the road sedan.

Hot dog! Time to drive it like I stole it

@chuck My only issue with it is that there's no proper stick shift and clutch available.

@cigarBGuitarEfx yep. It's got plenty of shit and git without the manual transmission

@chuck I'm sure it does, I'm just the type that would rather drive a Geo Metro with a stick than a Corvette with an automatic. To me it's like Linux Vs. Windows. Linux being the manual transmission, and Windows being the automatic.

@cigarBGuitarEfx odd comparison, but ok. I had 8 years of driving standards, dump trucks, my Jeep, etc. that I don't miss it much :)


@chuck To me it goes beyond gear selection, being able to control exactly how much power goes to the wheels is something that is greatly missed in an AT. Plus, in general it is much fun.

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