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Our "Respects Your Freedom" (RYF) certification program helps you find hardware that doesn't violate your right to control the devices you own. Learn more, and shop while supporting companies that support your freedom:

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Our Policy Fellow kicked off discussion on our AI-Assisted Programming and Copyleft mailing list. We're on the long road to figure out what can/should be done about #Microsoft's and #GitHub's for-profit AI (that's trained with our community's #FOSS):

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The second part is interesting:
nation state malware leaking to private sector

Just setup a free nextcloud account {not self-hosted} to use with Joplin (note app) and the experience was really awesome.
I got Joplin in both my android and laptop and linked them to my nextcloud account with webdav . Then set up a master password for End2End Encryption .

The result is really smooth and feels on par with paid and proprietary services. Both of the clients sync the encrypted notes flawlessly with each other and so far there is no conflict .

I have just started learning python and been using vscodium (tracker-less fork of vscode) till now . I was thinking about if I should switch to pycharm (community edition) since it's primarily focused on python . I also have slight concern about telemetry in pycharm .

What are your thoughts ?

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I appreciate because they have one of the best track records w/it comes to protecting users.

If you are thinking about : 25% of revenue will go towards Ukraine Humanitarian aide.

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f-droid's de facto complete lack of any sort of malware is literally more important than any theoretical concern imo

is it possible to sneak malware in if you really tried? yes

is there malware? no absolutely not

you go on google play and download a flashlight app and the top 20 results are all malware lol
sure f-droid has some pretty shit apps but none of them will infect your phone, and to be fair f-droid also has a handful of extremely high quality apps that you would have trouble finding otherwise
so idk, for the average user f-droid is just de facto higher quality apps, and confers more security just by being a little more tightly controlled by forcing apps to be open source (malware people will typically not want to make their shit open source. that's usually how it works)

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#DRM isn't just an annoyance -- it's a violation of your right to use the items you own as you see fit. Learn more about our Defective by Design campaign at, and follow our campaign account at @endDRM

Is there any way to change my login email in fosstodon (and other instances) ?
I'm changing my mail adress and deleting the old one soon. So I was wondering if there is any way to change email adress or I just have to create a new account.

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Bionic eye recipients left in the dark with obsolete tech

It happened to more than 350 people who are blind and received artificial eyes only to be abandoned by the company that invented them, Second Sight Medical Products.

The risk for early adopters is that their high-tech implants turn into just another obsolete gadget.

"If something does go wrong with it, I'm screwed," said Terry Byland, a double-implant recipient. "Because there's no way of getting it fixed."

Just started using invizible pro from f-droid . It's one of the best privacy enhancing app on android. It doesn't require root.

Using it with tor (as vpn) and dnscrypt with nextdns(with ad and tracker blockers).It has built in domain/ip blacklist/whitelist support. It has systemwide firewall to block internet/WiFi/roaming for different apps(including system apps).It also has purple I2P to access I2P network.

Can we have a translate option for toots?
I am seeing a lot of interesting toots in different languages and it is inconvenient to each time copy and paste outside .
It would be great if we can have an inbuilt translate tool using libre-translate or deepl translate

How are you guys adding custom icons to your profile name?

I'm using manjaro for quite some time and wanted to change to something new(arch based).
What are some good user-friendly arch based distros with maximum stability like manjaro where a lot of things just work out of the box without much tinkering?(except EndeavourOS)

Have anyone tried linshare( yet?
It claims to be an opensource alternative to google drive and It gives 20gb free storage.
Is anyone using it and have any experience related to it?
I just tried it but it lacks basic functionalities like creating folders and such. I'll give it another try once it comes out of beta.

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I have been using Firefox for a while with ublock and some of the add-ons and recently thought to try Brave as it blocks ad by default. But after switching to aggressive mode from standard still brave is not blocking google ads. In some of the websites it blocks ads and while allows some google ads.

@privacybrowser Will it possible to get dns over https support in future?

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