I rebuilt my personal blog/website with a much more colorful, theme and some new posts for the first time since February. I think it looks pretty good for something with no Javascript and no images except a favicon. The home page is only 6.2KB uncompressed. bruton.tech/

For a server OS I've tried OpenBSD and a few different flavors of Linux, but I keep coming back to FreeBSD. It performs well and rarely frustrates me. :freebsd:

I finally watched Tarantino's "Death Proof" the other night. The most stressful/anxiety-inducing car chase I've ever seen in a movie... ๐Ÿ˜‚

Pointed my camera at the sky last night.

Not something I usually do.

Lumix G9, 100-300mm verII @300mm (so 600 FF equiv), f/5.6, and 1 second.

Need faster glass or one of those tracking tripod things to do any better, my 2s shots arenโ€™t as sharp but are the exposure I wanted.

Pretty happy I took advantage of the taste event though and did capture it ๐Ÿ™‚

#photography #bloodmoon #moon #astrophotography

I get that people want to make money and a lot of creativity and art skills go into creating themes especially. It's fine to want to be paid for your skilled labor. Maybe this is all okay. I'm not sure exactly what I'm trying to articulate here.

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It seems common and accepted in the FOSS world for companies to provide paid support plans or hosting or some other value-added service for the free open source software that they create. But in the Wordpress ecosystem, they are restricting the software itself. The base theme/plugin may be FOSS but the premium part is not.

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It's my first time using ; I'm setting up a business site for a nonprofit. I'm a bit surprised/weirded out that every third-party theme and plugin has a "premium" version with a paid subscription. Anyone know of good articles that explain the state of this ecosystem and how it got to this point? I'm just curious.

A little boost for 'hmm' - a command-line note-taking app I discovered recently. Very very simple but fast and strictly organized; exactly what I want for tracking my work. My style is less 'task management' and more 'task completion tracking'.

I just sent 227 pages of paper to the US Government - my application for permanent residence (green card). Pretty big deal - I've been on student/work visas since I first came to the US in 2009. This will finally give me some peace and stability (or it will in a year or two, when they eventually process the application ๐Ÿ˜‚ )

Work grumble: When you make a beautiful document with consistent formatting, figure captions, cross-references, etc., send it to colleagues for revisions and it comes back completely butchered ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

code (especially "idiomatic" Rust) is comprehensive and very wordy. I guess that's by design. The compiler forces you to cover all possibilities. I feel like I understand ownership/borrowing in theory but having trouble implementing in practice. Some things that "just work" in Python throw compiler errors in Rust.

I got my first dose of the Moderna vaccine yesterday. I'm eligible as an "educator" (i.e. a university employee) based on new California rules. There's politics in the priority order - this comes from pressure to open schools as soon as possible. I don't work with students in my job, but I wasn't about to decline the vaccine when offered either. No side effects (yet) other than soreness at the injection site. I go back for dose 2 on April 1st.

Trying to learn by rewriting a small work-related tool. Some observations so far:

1) The toolchain (cargo etc.) is really slick and integrated. I love it.
2) I wrote the entire first draft without any 'if' statements. Not intentionally, didn't realize till after. The 'match' syntax is powerful.
3) The UDP network stack in the standard library seems immature; having some weird problems. Haven't explored external crates like socket2 or net2 yet.

Sometimes I just need a calculator, and fast, without reaching for another device or opening a new window. 'dc' (desktop calculator) does the trick, if you're comfortable with RPN and a terse syntax.

If you happen to need a list of all prime numbers, it can also do that:


Terse, indeed.

I'm behind on my posts ๐Ÿ˜…. Haven't felt inspired to write in recent days. I'm probably missing the point to "just write".

It's kind of amazing that the D cell was first introduced in 1898

While the chemistry and internals are different now, I think it may be the oldest battery size still in widespread use. Actually, I can't think of an older one still being made by the millions

You can even get LiFePO4 batteries as D cells now. Quite a long way from the dry piles of yesteryear

Got running on my Raspberry Pi 4. It's very slow over my local network, even with all files and DB on a USB 3 external SSD (Samsung T7). Will need to investigate further...

Wrote a piece on ditching Google Analytics to run analytics over logs, like itโ€™s 1999 (except now with hosted Presto, etc. bootable in seconds from the cloud ;).

I also estimate how inaccurate hosted analytics are due to adblocked scripts. Answer: very.


I want to replace Dropbox and iCloud Drive with something Free. Is the right choice? Pros/cons of using a VPS vs my own hardware at home?

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