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EU + encryption + privacy 

26 people already signed a petition at the European Parliament against the adoption of an EU Council's resolution to weaken encrypted communications. This is the Council's proposal:

Residents in EU member states are invited to support the petition here:


Caught your attention? Read this too:

Looking for suggestions for a TODO list app. I mostly need something that gets the job done, has a web interface and an android app.

Because I'll soon move to iOS, if there is an iOS app too, it would be a nice plus.

I just posted a question on Stack Overflow, for a data science side project I'm doing. I'm kinda stuck so if anybody has any insight on this, I would be grateful if you could offer some help! 😊

(a boost might be helpful too!)

One of the best talks I have listened to recently:

How to evangelise a new technology/language/stack.

It strongly applies to software, but it can also apply to any tech that you want people to adopt. (eg: Fediverse)

So I read this, and it made me think:

Are there any good/free-ish RSS readers that are also open-source?

Ideally I would want them to be able to sync content between my android phone and the web or desktop app.

Not ready to completely abandon Instagram yet.

But, can somebody suggest me a good pixelfed instance? :)

#covid #worldpol a very interesting read... 

I just bought a VPN subscription and my problems with my current restrictive network were solved.

You can read more about the issues I encountered here:

#coffeethoughts If mastodon takes over from facebook 

mastodon will have scaling issues with millions of servers with 100/1000 accounts per server.
It will get to a point where blacklisting becomes so cumbersome that its easier for moderators and server admins to start whitelisting.

Thus comes the decentralized silos of communities. Instead of a single server, each community will be a set of federated servers. (Hopefully not) only talking to each other.

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#coffeethoughts If mastodon takes over from facebook 

Companies will start setting up their own servers. Creating their own communities dedicated to the companies. Terms of services include dedicated tracking questions. Soon evangelical people are hired to the companies not by resume but by their social life. Live the companies way of life. Influencers migrate servers and followers weekly, moving to the highest bidder. Choosing a server is based on vanity domains, and where your family "lives"

Interesting read about how identity is perceived in our web apps, and how it fails to describe the real identities people can possess.

Right now, I'm living in a co-living space in Paris, and using the provided internet connection.

When I visited "new" or less known sites, I was getting SSL errors. At first I thought it was a coincidence.

Then I found out that all of them were intercepted by a very invasive firewall that exists in the network.

It only got worse when I visited noip and I found out that it was blocked by the firewall because it's a dyndns service.

That's it, I'm getting a VPN. This is outrageous!

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