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Right now, I'm living in a co-living space in Paris, and using the provided internet connection.

When I visited "new" or less known sites, I was getting SSL errors. At first I thought it was a coincidence.

Then I found out that all of them were intercepted by a very invasive firewall that exists in the network.

It only got worse when I visited noip and I found out that it was blocked by the firewall because it's a dyndns service.

That's it, I'm getting a VPN. This is outrageous!

I just published my second blog post, where I write about why our right to choice can be more important than our right to privacy.

I'm interested to hear your opinion on this either here or on the blog's comment section!

As developers we sometimes forget to implement naming inclusivity on our applications resulting to user confusion and bugs on our software.

This article can help by introducing some guidelines for personal names around the world.

As my second post in , I've written a guide on how to use Hugo to generate a Simple.css website.

A huge shoutout to @kev: this post is basically the Hugo mirror image of @kev's Jekyll post.

I was thinking for some time to create a blog to start sharing some thoughts/ideas/projects. After reading some toots about , I got jealous and wanted to join the party.

Feedback/Discussion is welcome!

I hope my suggestions would prove useful for anybody that wants to join the party too.

Signal for beginners, a nice guide to share to all your non-tech friends who would love some more privacy.

When I onboard new devs/interns on the whole git version management system, the biggest problem I observe is that they see it as a code repository not as a version management software (tree).

They expect to just upload/download code, and that's where all the problems begin.

Have you observed any similar issues with newcomers to git?

A trick to improve speed when you are interfacing with a slow API.

I created a small npm package that acts as a wrapper around node-fetch, and returns the same promise for the same request, until it resolves.

Do you want to subscribe to a newsletter but you don’t want to clutter your inbox?

Check this project out! It converts newsletters to RSS (Atom) feeds!

Sometimes, you have to interface with an API that doesn't respond fast enough. Moreover, you might perform the same request multiple times.

The solution?

Return the same promise for the same exact requests until they resolve. This is more useful when you interface with stateless APIs, where you just consume data.

I'm currently exploring the fediverse and as I mentioned on other posts, I'm fascinated. I've found federated microblogging, federated picture sharing, federated chatting...

But, is there a federated search engine? That would be interesting...

As a developer working with Facebook's Messenger Platform API in EU, the next days are hell...

Nothing works as intended. Seriously, when Facebook makes a change to their APIs, they break everything...


I can see this happening where too much democracy is used to spread dangerous ideas.

What do you think? :)

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I just bought the book "A History of Fascism" from Stanley Payne. It's a book that tries to find a definition of fascism, by comparing it to other social/political systems.

I read the first 40 pages (out of more than 700), and it seems really interesting. As I read it, I will certainly share more interesting stuff from it.

A nice quote from the opening of the prologue of the book is:

> "The more democratic a democracy is, the more certainly it refuses itself."

I can see this happening!


It's been a little bit more than 24 hours since I joined this place, and I'm impressed by the wonderful community that exists here.

The combination of slow-paced discussions and worldwide potential make this place a lot better than Twitter.

Kudos to all of you! This place really makes a difference ☺️

Is there anybody here that uses other Fediverse services, except from Mastodon? I have been fascinated by the whole concept of ActivityPub and federated social networks, but haven't seen great value on other Fediverse offerings. Am I missing something? πŸ˜…

My name is Christos, I'm a Software Engineer from Athens, Greece.

I'm mostly working with and , but I'm also interested in , and systems engineering.

I maintain a few (still not very popular πŸ˜…) open-source JS/TS libraries I created for my applications, so check my github profile if you want to see more on what I'm working on:



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