Check out how we are shaping the future of decentralised discourse at Capsule Social (, using Web3 technologies such as IPFS and OrbitDB.

This video was the result of our week long workshop in Paris!

Decided to add the EU flag 🇪🇺 on my profiles. I feel European as much as I feel Greek.

You know you are starting to mature as a software engineer when your activity on Github is not 100% commits.

This is a comparison of my activity in 2020 vs 2021.

What should really be worrying you (and policymakers, if only they carried the gene that expresses the ability to have a clue) is that we are effectively limited in choice to two trillion-dollar US corporations for the everyday technology that has unfiltered access to our most intimate and personal thoughts, the power to mediate our reality, determine what we can and cannot say, bound our agency, and redefine the boundaries of personhood itself in the digital network age. Who needs an army, eh?

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I wrote about the difference between Apple and Google’s business models over six years ago. I stand by my analysis. (

Over the years, I’ve told countless people to prefer Apple over Google as a mainstream stopgap. (Actual alternatives must be free/open and decentralised:

If Apple goes ahead with its latest plans, all that becomes irrelevant. If they do this, an iPhone will be inherently as unsafe as any Google phone. (

@ademalsasa thank you! It’s always nice to celebrate people achieving more in their life!

If you have a @github account, you can join me in co-signing the first letter uniting security & privacy experts, researchers, professors, policy advocates, and consumers against @Apple's planned moves against all of our privacy.

@praveen never said that I expect people or anyone to change their ways through this letter.

Will it raise some awareness? Maybe.

If it helps 0.001% towards our goal, there is no reason to not share it, or discuss about it.

What I see at the end is that we are not disagreeing at all! :)

(PS: Thanks for this citing this wiki page, today I learned something new)

@praveen When I said "there is no solution" I meant "there is no immediate solution".

For me, it's not about features, it's about building products that work effortlessly and need minimal to zero technical knowledge to use it.

Unfortunately apart from a few shining exceptions (eg: Mastodon), that is not the state of the decentralised software community.

Education, advocating for politicians who do care about privacy and more, might also help solve the problem.

What do you suggest on that?


Consider signing this open letter to Apple. We are 319 signatures strong and growing. (+6 organisations)

@hyde If Apple does it, there is nothing stopping the other major players in the market to do it too!

Thank you for joining the cause!

@praveen there is no solution. We have observed ourselves that people hardly care about privacy, even after Cambridge Analytica, the WhatsApp controversy etc.

People just want a polished product that does its job.

What we need to do as a community is to work on making free and open software as polished as Apple's, to try to raise funds for open projects on the dWeb and more. In general, try to show to the people that there is another way that is as-good-as Apple/Google/etc and even better.

@praveen cannot say that I don’t agree. But I’m more of a “solve one problem at a time” guy. Or at least raise awareness and set goals that can be achievable in the short term.

@werwolf Raising awareness of these practices makes people think of their privacy more holistically.

In general, I'm a person that wants to strike a balance between convenience and privacy. Up until now, iOS was the best candidate for this balance.

Unfortunately, as of now, for me, there is no open-source offering that is polished and convenient enough to use as a phone.

This is something we should work on as an open source community.

@aral Thank you for taking the time to sign! Only together, all of us, we can raise awareness of this issue.

Just signed! As an Apple consumer myself, I'm deeply concerned about this new content-scanning technology, which actually serves as a backdoor for my data.

If you are also concerned about that --> SIGN!

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