@bbbhltz It's can be an option! My only concern is if it supports some kind of reminders/notifications.

Looking for suggestions for a TODO list app. I mostly need something that gets the job done, has a web interface and an android app.

Because I'll soon move to iOS, if there is an iOS app too, it would be a nice plus.

@cooper I have the same issue most of the time. What we need to think is to write for ourselves, not for our readers.

Whoever will be interested, will join afterwards :)

I just posted a question on Stack Overflow, for a data science side project I'm doing. I'm kinda stuck so if anybody has any insight on this, I would be grateful if you could offer some help! 😊

(a boost might be helpful too!)


@Starcake @allenu @fribbledom

Well yes and no.

It infects cells, but it doesn't reproduce and it doesn't actually damage the cells.

Viruses infect the cells, make them create more viruses, then kill the host cells and proceed to infect even more cells.

And this is an important distinction between the vaccine and the actual virus.

@celia Well if you run it with the same bash binary 10 years later, (or 20,000 years later) it will work. 😅

Jokes aside, I think bash tries a lot to always be backwards compatible. So whichever future version you'll use, most probably your bash script will work.


@cri @tallblondeguy I will stay a bit more with remark42 (I invested a whole lot of time to remove it now xD), but I will keep commento in my mind for when I feel compelled to change my configuration.

One of the best talks I have listened to recently:

How to evangelise a new technology/language/stack.

It strongly applies to software, but it can also apply to any tech that you want people to adopt. (eg: Fediverse)


@tallblondeguy Seems an interesting option, I didn't put that into consideration because I didn't know it.

I was mostly looking on the free options of this list (from Hugo's documentation).

Requirements were:
1. Very lightweight
2. Privacy friendly
3. Docker support

Remark42 fit those requirements well, although I had a few hassles with making it work 100%. (documentation is not that detailed)


So I read this, and it made me think:

Are there any good/free-ish RSS readers that are also open-source?

Ideally I would want them to be able to sync content between my android phone and the web or desktop app.


@XxAlexXx I already went with the popular option and bought a 2year subscription with NordVPN.

Thanks for the tip though!

Rules on making a computer program:

1) Don't use fucking Electron

Not ready to completely abandon Instagram yet.

But, can somebody suggest me a good pixelfed instance? :)

#covid #worldpol a very interesting read... 

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