A trick to improve speed when you are interfacing with a slow API.

I created a small npm package that acts as a wrapper around node-fetch, and returns the same promise for the same request, until it resolves.


Sometimes, you have to interface with an API that doesn't respond fast enough. Moreover, you might perform the same request multiple times.

The solution?

Return the same promise for the same exact requests until they resolve. This is more useful when you interface with stateless APIs, where you just consume data.


My name is Christos, I'm a Software Engineer from Athens, Greece.

I'm mostly working with and , but I'm also interested in , and systems engineering.

I maintain a few (still not very popular 😅) open-source JS/TS libraries I created for my applications, so check my github profile if you want to see more on what I'm working on: github.com/chrispanag



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