Just signed! As an Apple consumer myself, I'm deeply concerned about this new content-scanning technology, which actually serves as a backdoor for my data.

If you are also concerned about that --> SIGN!

@chrispanag Yeah this open letter can do jack crap when they are the ones in control. Unless their money is involved, this won't change a thing

@chrispanag Sorry mate. I can gurantee this won't change a thing. Unless they are getting sued or they are hurting the government, they won't change.

@chrispanag Just submitted an issue to sign both on behalf of Small Technology Foundation and personally. Thank you for the heads up :)

@aral Thank you for taking the time to sign! Only together, all of us, we can raise awareness of this issue.

@chrispanag @aral I wonder and doubt it will do much. Apple does what it wants. Will sign it of course. Also getting rid of apple stuff.

@chrispanag think of @Apple as the "commissar in your pocket" making sure you don't have whatever a given nation may choose to deem "impure" thoughts or expression.

@chrispanag I don't imagine that this will change much, and IDK if Apple's going to be looking to GitHub to read this letter, but I've signed it anyway.

Now to stay off social media for a while and make some games for game jams.

I can sympathise with the issue, but I don't think begging apple to show mercy is the right solution. Why do you have to remain a consumer of such a company? Isn't giving a company like apple such powers the source of the problem?

@praveen cannot say that I don’t agree. But I’m more of a “solve one problem at a time” guy. Or at least raise awareness and set goals that can be achievable in the short term.

What makes you think changing apple's mind is achievable in short term? Great if they change their mind because of the letter, what next if they stick to their decision?

@praveen there is no solution. We have observed ourselves that people hardly care about privacy, even after Cambridge Analytica, the WhatsApp controversy etc.

People just want a polished product that does its job.

What we need to do as a community is to work on making free and open software as polished as Apple's, to try to raise funds for open projects on the dWeb and more. In general, try to show to the people that there is another way that is as-good-as Apple/Google/etc and even better.

Its easy to dismiss people as not caring about privacy, but how much effort have we really put to reach people? I agree a lot of people don't care about privacy, no doubt. But a lot of people don't really understand technology or the effects of choices they make. I agree, there is no easy solution, but I don't agree there is no solution. But why should we always look for easy solutions to tough problems? I don't think focusing on features alone will get us anywhere.

@praveen When I said "there is no solution" I meant "there is no immediate solution".

For me, it's not about features, it's about building products that work effortlessly and need minimal to zero technical knowledge to use it.

Unfortunately apart from a few shining exceptions (eg: Mastodon), that is not the state of the decentralised software community.

Education, advocating for politicians who do care about privacy and more, might also help solve the problem.

What do you suggest on that?

I think focusing on education and advocacy is a pre requisite to building great products. Only if people care about the issue they will take efforts to build what is needed. It is not only a technical task of building a product, people can contribute in so many ways. So making people believe in their ability to fix things is the most important part. We do have so many great apps and successful mass adoptions.

I think expecting apple to change their ways through this letter is like

If convincing people to care about privacy, building better Free Software solutions is the right but harder option, we still gotta go for it. I think the real problem is people choosing the easy option and under estimating their abilities. What we really need is remind people about their power and what they can do to walk towards the right goal, even if that takes years to reach.

@praveen never said that I expect people or anyone to change their ways through this letter.

Will it raise some awareness? Maybe.

If it helps 0.001% towards our goal, there is no reason to not share it, or discuss about it.

What I see at the end is that we are not disagreeing at all! :)

(PS: Thanks for this citing this wiki page, today I learned something new)

Well, many times people limit their actions to signing letters or sharing news. I'm just asking us not to limit your thinking, we still have so much power and ways to fix things. Support projects like Purism Librem 5 (I have one of those, it costs much more than a common phone, but I prefer to give money for values). PinePhone is another project which is more affordable compared to Librem 5. It may not have all the features on day one, but we can definitely make it better over time.

If you want Freedom and features and you start with features, you will never have both. But if you start with Freedom, you may not have all features on day one, but eventually we will have both when a lot of us choose freedom over features, because we can always add features to Free Software. We have been constantly adding features and improving usability of Free Software.

I m not an apple user anymore but i'll definitely sign this

@hyde If Apple does it, there is nothing stopping the other major players in the market to do it too!

Thank you for joining the cause!

@chrispanag Signed. My main reason for switching to iOS was based on security. This makes me want to buy a Librem.

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