Looking for suggestions for a TODO list app. I mostly need something that gets the job done, has a web interface and an android app.

Because I'll soon move to iOS, if there is an iOS app too, it would be a nice plus.

@chrispanag depends if you need just a way to record a list or also fine grained time tracking, reminders etc. And even if you narrow down your requirements, you'll have to try a few to see what works best for you. A few quite universal and known ones are todo.txt, Super Productivity, Taskwarrior+Timewarrior, Emacs org-mode. But there's tons of other ones.

@chrispanag I use something like Markor on my phone and use Syncthing to keep it synchronized to my computer. It is just sharing markdown files to I can open them many different ways on my computer. No web interface though so I guess you can ignore my method.

@bbbhltz It's can be an option! My only concern is if it supports some kind of reminders/notifications.

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