@chrispanag Nice. I'd never heard of remark42.

Did you ever take a look at the Coral Project? I played with it a bit while it was still a Mozilla thing - seemed pretty good. Don't know what it's like now.


@tallblondeguy Seems an interesting option, I didn't put that into consideration because I didn't know it.

I was mostly looking on the free options of this list (from Hugo's documentation).

Requirements were:
1. Very lightweight
2. Privacy friendly
3. Docker support

Remark42 fit those requirements well, although I had a few hassles with making it work 100%. (documentation is not that detailed)


@chrispanag @tallblondeguy similar here! Integrated remark42 before (self-hosted), but then went with Commento! (Commento.io) Seems ever more lightweight, same privacy-friendliness, easier integration imo


@cri @tallblondeguy I will stay a bit more with remark42 (I invested a whole lot of time to remove it now xD), but I will keep commento in my mind for when I feel compelled to change my configuration.

@chrispanag @tallblondeguy 100% understandable, and it does its job well, like other alternatives, so no real need to switch!

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