I just published my second blog post, where I write about why our right to choice can be more important than our right to privacy.

I'm interested to hear your opinion on this either here or on the blog's comment section!

@chrispanag good article. But don't know why I can't see the send button of the comment box

@maixent_mm Thanks Maixent! You need to login either with Google or Github to comment, I will also add email login further down the line.

Maybe I'll add an explanation above the comment section as I see that it's not that clear 😅

@chrispanag 😅 I thought about it but so used with the email login it was just new to me.

I've used a GirHub account to login and now the send button do appear but I'm receiving a red "Forbidden" error message.

What I did wrong this time?

@maixent_mm Wow, can you pm me a screenshot? I just added the comment ability and it might have a few issues not yet ironed out.

It's self hosted btw:

@maixent_mm Never mind I just tested it from another account. Seems like a bug on the comment software.

You can try loading the article again and refreshing the page. In my case it worked!

I will check this issue out to resolve it soon... Thanks for notifying me!

@maixent_mm Thank for taking the time to help me and to comment on the post! 😀

@chrispanag Isn't Signal still centralized? Wouldn't the optimal "right to choice" app be something like Matrix, which can interoperate with other chat apps and is decentralized?

@jg03 Of course it would. I wrote about Signal because of having the personal experience of trying to convince people of using it.

But the same principles apply to Matrix. You would have a difficulty pursuing people to use it because the best feature, their contacts, won't be there.

@chrispanag Beeper looks pretty cool - it allows you to hook matrix up to every chat app - but there's a waitlist for the beta. I can't wait. There's a self-hosted version but I ran into issues and then stopped having time to do things.

@jg03 Indeed!

I will try the self-hosted version. Maybe it's the answer to many of my issues.

But, that won't change the overall situation, it would just remove me from the equation. For us coders and tech savvy people, the concept of Beeper is easy to grab. For the rest? How will you describe a self-hosted solution to a non-tech person? Or how will you justify to him that he needs to pay for his chat service.

I'm not against, I'm just highlighting the problems we need to solve :)

@chrispanag That's definitely true. Half of why it's nice is because you can run a Matrix client on the Pinephone, and that opens up a lot of possibilities.

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