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If you are still depending on any free web service in 2022 I don't know how to help you. Facebook, Twitter, this place, whatever. It's all going away someday, and nobody really knows if that someday is next week or next decade. You have to back up any content you care about on a server you control, or at least pay for.

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Hello all!

If you are using #Spacebear or #tchncs to host your #PixelFed instance are you happy with the service and the support?

If you use another host for PixelFed, what is their name and are you happy with them?

Boosts welcome. Thanks.

Things I didn't expect to be doing in 2022 - checking my polio vaccine status. I had 4 doses as a child - so I think I'm fully vaccinated.

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An actual error message I just got on the website.

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A book, a lake, and a chair under a shade tree. My Saturday afternoon on the Blue Ridge Pkwy.

When did dry cleaning become so expensive? I haven't worn a suit in at least 5 years but will need to next month, so I dropped off two suits, one blazer, and four shirts...and the bill is over $50? WTF? My monthly dry cleaning bill wasn't $50 back when I was dropping 10 shirts twice a week.

If you use Facebook, or Twitter, or even this site, assume everything you ever post on the site will eventually be accessible by the police. (abortion, privacy) 

YTD Spending:

21.3% Healthcare (insurance plus out-of-pocket)

18.7% - Savings

16.8% - Housing

No other category above 10%. Yes, I realize savings is not really spending, but since the money is not available for beer and concerts, I consider it "spent" for budgeting purposes.

That healthcare cost is not sustainable, especially since it's only going to go up as we keep getting older.

Date night was supposed to be a soccer match but weather is bad so we wrote off the soccer tickets and hung out at our favorite local brewery instead.

A parent complained about my wife this week because she had the kids at summer camp build parks during Lego week. 1/2 the kids struggled because they had NEVER BEEN TO THE PARK. The parent complained that her encouraging the kids to get out and enjoy nature was inappropriate.

Wonder how many complaints there will be on Monday after having the kids build Lego libraries yesterday? Only 3 of 14 kids aged 6 to 11 had ever been to the library.

Happy Premier League Day for those you celebrate. As a Southampton supporter, I start every season with the same aspirations for the team. Just stay out of the bottom 3!

The new Lee Bains album is fabulous. Strong Drive-by-Truckers vibe with great song writing that doesn't hide its liberal southerner POV.

Apparently it is the 35th anniversary of the release of Def Leppard's Hysteria. It's been many years since I listened to the album, but it holds up well. Those guys did know how to compose a hook.

Canceled my Prime membership, again. Had been away from Prime for a while but at beginning of pandemic we rejoined when we were trying to avoid ever leaving the house again.

Hey look, a blog post, talking about music I'm listening to these days. It's a throwback to Web 1.0!

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