@chrisod Man I miss Shenandoah some days, especially the peak of Hawksbill, such an easy and yet rewarding hike.

@brownpau Just about every year we do a Hawkbill hike, but start at the Hawksbill picnic area about 3 miles further south on BRP. It makes it a 7 mile out and back to Hawksbill.

@chrisod whoa, those pictures look stunning. Shenandoah has just made it onto my post of places to visit.

@chrisod any selfies with the fellas from the Wrong Turn movies?

@birnim That is kind of a creepily timed joke given that we did run into two guys that were lost! They thought the AT was a loop trail and didn't know how to get back to their car. I explained they needed to just backtrack.

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