Facebook: Post 4 random pictures with no captions from camping trip - get 75 likes.

Also Facebook: Post link to 1000 word blog post telling fun story of the camping trip with 6-8 relevant photos in the post - get 3 likes.

@chrisod my hypothesis is that people on Facebook are too lazy or stupid to read.... but these are your friends, so maybe I won't say that out loud .... oops. :P

@scully You could have stopped before the .... you were 100% right! My friends are a little better as I've been pushing blog posts at them for 15+ years at this point. The camping groups I'm in don't seem to understand how links work. They post questions under the post that are answered in the first paragraph. It's like they think the one preview photo is the entire post.

@chrisod If a picture is worth 1000 words, they got more from the 4 pictures (ie. 4000 words) than they did from the 1000 word blog post. (Sorry, just had to be a little silly! Enjoy your day!)

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