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- Hello. I just moved over from I first installed Linux in 1999 (I think) so this seems like a good home for me :) By day I am a sales engineer for complex websites, mostly Drupal and WordPress. When not working I prefer to be in the woods in my standup teardrop camper. I'm also likely to post about , , , , ,

Ripped a piece of junk mail in half...and discovered they had put two $1 bills in the envelope to entice me to do whatever. Will be taping my money back together as soon as I find the clear tape.

Watched the extended cut of That Thing You Do! last night, and in a lot of ways it's a better movie. The extra 40 minutes is mostly character development. We get more backstory on Guy, and the Guy - Faye relationship builds throughout the movie. The ending with him and Faye has more context too.

Dear woman getting divorced, and guy arguing with his wife, on speakerphones at Capitol Ale House Richmond today. Your boorish behavior in public causes me to assume both your partners are in the right in your respective disputes.

Movie review: Top Gun: Maverick.

I was entertained, which is saying something for a movie that I saw every beat coming 20 minutes in advance.

Elon Musk's messaging dump from the Twitter trial shows just how unexceptional he, and every billionaire he is friends with, really is.

Also, Woodstock was about community, peace, love and understanding. Woodstock 99 booked Limp Biskit, Korn, RHCP, and Kid Rock, the literal opposite of the Woodstock vibe. It was a crass money grab and the consumers pushed back in a very hard, dangerous, and violent manner.

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Put the Woodstock 99 documentary on your Hulu watch list. It's amazing.

Let's treat 250,00 drunk, stoned, hungry, sunburned young folks like shit for 3 days to maximize profits, while feeding them loud, aggressive music. What could go wrong?

Was able to pick out three moons around Jupiter with my 8x32 birding binoculars. Saw a little color banding on Jupiter, but not really sure if it was the planet or distortion.

I redesigned my homepage, going for a cleaner, more classic Web 1.0 look. Do you like?

Parked next to this earlier this week. It's a Ford, possibly 1932?

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Sleeping in a parking lot of a brewery north of NYC tonight, on the way home from a fabulous week at Acadia National Park. Hopefully traffic will not be a problem tomorrow.

Another day, another picnic on the coast of Maine. Not excited for the 2 day drive home starting tomorrow.

When I take a pretty girl on a picnic I don't cut corners on the location.

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Bar Harbor, Maine. Home of the $40 breakfast, including tip.

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