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This is what's wrong with the tech industry. The expectation that one should give their free time *EVERY DAY* or you're somehow "not passionate".

My response to that would be fuck you and your shitty fucking culture.

My kids and family are FAR more important to me than your ridiculous expectations.

</rant> 🙃

Troubleshooting someone else's code to fix A's functionality. I find that A requires elements from B, but that's not the problem. B uses C which uses F which expects some things from Z. 10 minutes later, after troubleshooting Z, I find what's missing.

Hm ... wait a second ... what was I trying to do again?

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Arizona Wildlife 

Just had a bit of excitement. My wife was out in our garage (which is a complete disaster area) looking for something, and I was upstairs browsing , when I heard a horror movie style scream come from the garage. My wife comes ripping into the house like she's being chased. She says there's a scorpion in our garage that was 2 or 3 inches long. I put on shoes cuz scorpion, duh. I quickly found our perpetrator. Not a scorpion. This isn't the actual lizard, but looks close.

I am convinced that people who design parking lots are people who never park in parking lots. Otherwise, they would not design them the way they do.

My company recently provided me with a new 14-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 chip. So far, I'm impressed.

Giving Ubuntu 21.10 a try. Lots to like about gnome 40. Looks nice. Snap apps are still a problem. Firefox, for example, is excruciatingly slow to open. Every time. We need to either fix snapd or discontinue using it. Tired of limping along like this. Apart from that, I'm pleased with all the little improvements in the system.

We could avoid the whole vaccine debate by creating a covid immunity test. Throw all the speculation out the window.

Never really spent much time with KDE before, so I decided to stick with it for a month and see what happened.

I've been working a lot (at work) with typescript/node/etc. What a buggy, inconsistent voodoo-riddled ecosystem. No wonder Microsoft likes it.

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Für alle die gerne quatschen statt schreiben. Ich biete einen #mumble Server an den jeder kostenlos nutzen kann.


I've been messing around with plasma lately. I've been a user for a long time, but v40 presented enough differences I disagreed with to make me look around. So far so good, but I can see that GTK sort of owns the Linux GUI world. But KDE has done a nice job integrating GTK apps. Also seeing where Windows got a lot of their ideas.

The requirements for Windows 11 make me wonder if maybe they rewrote the whole system in javascript/typescript.

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Getting excited for Perseverance. Who's watching tomorrow?

I think maybe celebrities should stay off of social media. Every time they open their mouth they threaten to kill a character I like.

Remember the 80's, where a lot of actors were truly horrible people? We just didn't know it at the time. But our favorite characters stayed intact.

Now they don't have to do anything terrible. Just say something dumb or have an unpopular opinion and they're fired and we lose a character we like. Ugh.

My biggest problem with the super bowl is that I show up to watch a football game, but I get musical productions, inspirational stories and a bunch of talk instead.

Had a few friends ask my why Linux wasn't more popular. This topic has been covered by a lot of people, but I figured I'd throw in my take anyway.

Hello everyone! First time here. I'm a software developer and author just looking for a low-drama place to socialize.


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