Scary watching people attempting to use 2FA authenticator apps and literally incapable of completing it in the time given. Not convinced these apps are for mainstream users in their current format.

Ordered new Thinkpad via Lenovo website (Digital River), as only people with stock (3wk delivery). Delivery date passed 3wks ago. After many hassles, finally today they say delivery in July - that's 3 months instead of 3 wks. Care for your Thinkpads people!

Having always used bash 'for loops' with 'gm convert' to create thumbnails, I've just created this tiny script to make my life easier.

Feel free to let me know the simpler and better way that I should have done this...

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You have to wonder if ever we make good AIs, will they invent weird religions?

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Ok, let's figure this out with SCIENCE (a mastodon poll)!
If someone calls you a "chad", is that...? 🤔
Please share. Thx 👏

Just beautiful, makes me want to set up my again, which went into storage a couple of years ago, when selling our old house.

Is it normal in the Android app that you cannot click on the followers and following? Just nothing happens.

Just realising that since 2016 my social media had been dominated by politics, then the pandemic and finally Ukraine. Not sure whether to leave all that at the other place. Would it even be welcome here? :blobcatthinkingglare:

As a new user from That Other Place, I am finding something intangibly pleasant about using . Not sure if it's the quietness of my feed, the lack of adverts, the lack of bots, or just the lack of anger. Maybe all that is still to come...

I seem to have broken fosstodon already... After starting with before moving to fosstodon, I made the mistake of adding the former to my settings/aliases, which is now blocked with Something went wrong. Anyone know how to get this fixed?


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