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@kev Couple of weeks ago you wrote a blog post about doing work that you love. I thought about it a lot and realised that I don't enjoy my work anymore and that I'm stuck in a rut - anyway, the result was that I applied for a secondment to a different team at work and I got told today that I've been successful.

Just a long way of saying thanks for writing it really.

Should we make an attempt to ? Can it be done? Possibly. Should it be tried? Most definitely! Should we start now? Probably not. Should we discuss it now? Yes, we certainly should!

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Webinar on writing an article with excellent supporting data

This presentation will introduce ways to interconnect your article and data in ways that make them most readily understood and useful by others.

Topics include, how to:
· prepare data for presentation
· ensure data is well stewarded
· provide fair credit/access through citation.

🔗 Register:

#Science #OpenScience #OpenData #DataScience #codata #FAIRdata

Good to be here, I'm familiar with of course, so it'll be interesting to see the similarities and differences. I love the idea of a system; I'm also liking the extra elbow room in terms of character max.

You can read my bio (if interested) at,

I use with , , , generally preferring stuff. Hoping to take a look at / soon.

Wishing everyone here the best in all things.


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