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@chris ok I read it now, and Rust doesn’t interoperate with C++ very well. But I’d still argue that the best way to interface with legacy C++ is more modern C++ anyway. Mark me, that’s what Carbon will become eventually.

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@chris why? They already made Go, which ok won’t replace C++, but there’s Rust! And probably other languages they could have gone with. Did they decide NIH syndrome wasn’t good enough so they had to redo it too?


Fonts generated from original bitmaps from Atari 8bit computers

GitHub - wanderingstan/Confusables: Simple library for matching a string to another string that is same but has letters that only *look* the same as original string

Social media and the neuroscience of predictive processing – Mark Miller & Ben White | Aeon Essays

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The Story of "Name Sans" So Far - The Arrow Type Blog:

A font based on the mosaic name tablets of the New York City subway.

🎧 Special Episode: Engineering the Apocalypse — Making Sense with Sam Harris

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