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Hello, world!
Making a new account here since my last mastodon instance kind of died.

Minor programming language nerd, in particular and these days.

Also interested in , and .

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I've written a lot of lately:

It's really good. It feels like a language with all the best ideas of modern C++, but where the language features were designed instead of discovered. Writing Rust feels a lot like writing best-practice C++, in a language designed from the ground up to look like best-practice C++.

I sincerely hope they'll make it an international standard eventually though, once it slows down and is ready to ossify a bit.

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Wanted: Open Source audio player particularly suited for mp3 podcasts on Android.

Any good experiences?

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bisect-rustc v0.5.0

Bisection tool for rustc compiler nightlies and CI artifacts

New release with updated ICE regression definition, bug fixes, ANSI color, and a new/improved report format.

Thanks to Santiago Pastorino and Alex Macleod for their contributions to this release!

Jukebox, a neural net that generates music, including rudimentary singing, as raw audio in a variety of genres and artist styles

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We released new documentation for the fonttools project on Read the Docs this week:

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What everyone always wanted but was to lazy to compile: a feature comparison between various video conferencing platforms


Documentation of OpenType shaping behavior

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With recent news, maybe isn't that bad of an idea after all :thinking_rms:

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Find out how you can leverage command history into more efficient system administration. Maybe 'history' could be one of the more underrated commands.🤔

Parsing history in Linux |

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So, I read this article about #LBRY on the #ItsFOSS website, and I am quite confused :

If this is a decentralized, open source, blockchain-based, cool new alternative to centralized YouTube and Amazon, why does it want you so bad to *register an account*, *verify it*, and *download the official apps* ?

This makes me feel a bit unconfortable. I guess I'll just see whether the project's trustworthy.

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