Automatically set OpenType UnicodeRange bit flags in fonts based on defined Unicode code points

Semantic Versioning Will Not Save You

"With a sufficient number of users of an API, it does not matter what you promise in the contract: all observable behaviors of your system will be depended on by somebody."

This is how you make hidden, clickable content display blocks in GitHub issue/PR threads. Helpful when you need to share lengthy content.


A posix script to find and watch youtube videos from the terminal. (With out API)

Artificial Neural Nets Finally Yield Clues to How Brains Learn

"The learning algorithm that enables the runaway success of deep neural networks doesn’t work in biological brains, but researchers are finding alternatives that could."

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Stats from my last open source contribution:

lines added: 79
lined deleted: 82
lines in commit msg: 870

I can't decide if I'm doing software development really _wrong_, or really _right_.


Tuxi is a simple bash script that scrapes Google search results and SERPs, and provides instant, concise answers for your questions in the terminal

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