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I had a really strange behavior with #Github Actions yesterday. 

One of my actions in my deployment process was overwriting the $PATH.

No /bin:/usr/bin:... available, no SH available, really weird.

Debugging took a while, but finally figured it out.

Deployment works again.

An 8-bit graphic adventure-style animated blog to follow Andy Moliski live on the hike along the Appalachian Trail, the world's longest hiking trail, through the Appalachians from Georgia to Maine #appalachian

The first entry in a series dedicated to creating an entire clone of Google Maps, from creating vector mosaics to building a frontend GUI to connect everything, but for a limited spatial extension #stack

📣 Awesome #Job Alert!!! 📣 (boosts appreciated)

We're hiring.

We're looking for a Senior Software Engineer for #Terraso. Full remote work on an #opensource project with a mission to help landscape communities organize for the #environment and #SustainableDevelopment.

In the coming months we're building #mapping, #DataCollection and learning tools.

Honestly its such a cool project. Every day I go to work with wonderful people and try to save the world. Come work with me.

Check it out!

Also learn more:

Alright, a .

Fetching the data via is also implemented.

Still got some rendering in to do!

Still working on getting |s to work on my site.

I‘ve got some endpoints, thanks to @wouter ‘s go implementation.

Next step is generating data on a regular basis to render in .

Has anyone some experience with Ko-Fi and BuyMeACoffee?

Is there a significant downside to either?

I know BuyMeACoffee keeps 5%, but I actually wouldn‘t mind, if people could tip without an account.

I read somewhere at Ko-Fi you need an account to tip, but couldn‘t verify.

Something I'd like to do:

IndieWebify my homepage.

are already done.

is the next step.

Just generated from a planet file using on an vm.

It only took roughly 2.5 hours. That's amazing 🤯

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