My kid is making levels in 's level editor (the libre clone )
Very intuiitive , simple and elegent level editor.
Imagine that fabulous game is abandoned for five years !!

In comparison leveleditor is also great but more complex


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Level editor in is very neat and simple. Congrats to the developer.

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1 more day i think. this will be the version for Reform 2 Beta customers


For those like me who are not aware of the architecture used in the the reform2 laptop after seeing a dozen of online videos i think the following nails it down better as an introduction.

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is a equation editor.

EqualX is a program that parses an input LaTeX formula and displays it after every update. EqualX comes with many easily accessible templates that make creating complex equations much easier. EqualX supports bookmarking and coming back to important equations if needed, as well as more advanced editing features like search and replace.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: equalx

Here is the reform2 heatsink opened in in my box.
If i got it right the heatsink will be attached to the Nitrogen8M SOM .

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why usually whenever i read about a new sexy maybe free maybe not webapp ... it turns to be node , go thing.

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Sadly members of foss communities and foss organizations participated or validated the shamefull public humiliation of RMS and its legacy based on accusation of looking at breasts , hitting tacktless or clumsy on woman.What a crime
Instead of supporting processes inside the communities &civilized discourse they lower the bar of discourse by taking part in lynching and humiliation of the founder of free soffware.

The biggest issue that libre/open software community should discuss relative to the scandal is the donation CoC.

I mean mit got into that mess for big dirty donations.

But many 'organizations' in the libre/open world showed a persona ready to cancel rms just to be bigsponsor friendly. What was rms crime? .. bad flirting.

But how it would reflect on the community if fsf or fsfe took money from a billiion military contractor?

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I installed image on debian and managed to take that insteresting shot of the reform2 's keyboard pcb.

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People of freesoftware lets not respond to that maybe silly attack against by similar silly attacks reminding silly readers how rich had rich friends in the IT sector taking plane trips together and making million dollars deals and trying to start a campaing against each one of them.

I'm reading a presumable first public post that started the campaing against .
So , a woman thinks that the best way to use her time is use the power of the social media to attack a famous person because she didnt agree with the way he choose to argue for his now dead friend and also famous scientist.
I guess it would be less productive to examine how came to be unharrased and what that reflects to those with political power.

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