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It's the same with OpenBSD, Google, Meta and Microsoft are the biggest donors. Some Linux fanboy retard thought this was some gotcha moment to prove that BSDs were trash.. he thought Linux wasn't getting funding either from big tech, 🙄

'microsoft is Doing Something Right'

After 's bed-quarrel with its past and beloved donor on github's copilot erupted now 's developer joins .

If all that seems too much to bear .. if you came to fossland having at mind freedoms and other crap read another 'free' tagged newsite that teaches us what "f' in stand for to help you digest the new reality. We dont criticize, we dont resist we just being THANKFULL !!

In light of recent campaign I read @aral article.

And i think it 's time :
1) to open the discussion regarding the ethics regarding donations for a libresoftware organism
2) to wonder how just was canceling who was used as a scapegoat in a mit-sponsors scandal of epic proportions from organization that at the same time were giving us the green light to be friendly and inclusive to multinationals and not to steady and alarming voices.

Being inclusive in bic buck while having no problem being part of a web lynching and cancelling of libresoftware founder

not so long ago.. the same era where they happily got onboard the RMS weblynching campaing. SFC was happily to get MS support for its conferences

So.. shouldnt it be more sincere for a letter of apology that while endorsing and MS had the greel light open for many years for open,libre projects to flock there and now asking to reverse that?

accepted a great donation from .
I dont mind that. (it would not suprise me if took that money too).

What it's weird thought is taking the high moral ground against (in an orchastradet campaing) and trying to persuade us that they are in that moral place accompanied by their ethical and inclusive multinational donors.

Checking .
It's , it's key oriented, it's fast , it has profiles that i want with --basedir and i can set it's class with --qt-arg name to let choose it . I'll also check it's emacs bindings.
I'd would love to see more options in donations (crypto and other platforms). Comparing to that i'm also checking it's seems more ready but lacks the based extensibility i guess. Both have github as forge.

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is an interesting from .
It's like 's rear window but with a modern setup with a female protagonist with a job of correcting errors in a home virtual assistant technology.

In my thinking @zabbeer the difference is not essential. Imagine a cyber parliament (due to covid restrictions). In our days many 'discussions' happen in that way in companies or public sector.

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Another example. A message board is installed in a city .
So a public space facilitates the tele-discussions of public matters and policies in a small or large community . But ironically in our times that kind of space tends to be owned by a few people.

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i consider twitter a public space.
It's easily accessible and discussions about public politics often happen in it.

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So let's say you want to discuss with other people the healthcare of a country. Would you mind doing the discussion on a medium owned by a company, a state or sth else?

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An internet application layer program that alllows easily everyone with an internet access to exchange messages with other people .

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Public spaces . Example: a city square where people meet to socialize. (but obviously i refer to the cyber-electronic ones)

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