These are the same people that kept forcing me to reinstall Adobe Flash as recently as this time last November 🙄

I was doing some continuing education online for a professional license and I watched for 15 minutes before the connection was lost. I got a message from them saying that they had lost the connection to the speaker and to please wait.

Thirty minutes later I was still waiting. Finally, I just refreshed the browser and everything came back, but I lost credit for my time. I bitched because they could have said "refresh" instead "our bad, just wait."

Their excuse: I was using Linux

On GalliumOS now, but always watching for something better

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Website owners might want to control every detail about how their sites look and function, but since the beginning, users have always been in control of their own experience. It’s one of the defining features of the Web—whether Facebook likes it or

Is it a waste of resources to uBlock Origin, Ghostery, AND DuckDuckGo Privacy essentials?

Best ChromeOS alternative for an unsupported chromebook?

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@leimon @purism It's the N900 attached to my laptop running #phosh (since the arm64 packages didn't finish building) but here's it on the #librem5 (attaching a SD card reader):

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How the #Dutch build a tunnel under a highway in one weekend and stuff.

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Always bring a snack and something to do while you wait to log into a Mac.

Ever spend an hour switching users in MacOS?

I guess Apple got their shit together or enough people gave up because my Mac Mini finally got Big Sur.

And the verdict? meh

So has ANYONE out there actually successfully installed Big Sur? 😅

Bitwarden finally has Android keyboard integration in the beta! I've been waiting for that.

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@brennen Yes, indeed. In fact there's a pretty neat documentary about the making of the series. The special effects background starts around 8:50 and they show some screens of the actual process

And a bit more about the software and hardware:

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Is there anyone out there that can help me get gnome-sushi working again?

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