Here's an opportunity to write some FOSS graphics history, everyone: "VGC Illustration" presents a technologically novel - and having tried it I will say *artistically superior* - approach to illustrative vector graphics. It's developed by a 1 (soon 2) person team that has serious industry and technical research credentials (Pixar, Siggraph) while at the same time being fervent open source lovers and actually developing their research as FOSS since years. Boris (the lead dev) has now fully dedicated his life mission to making VGC Illustration (and soon Animation) a sustainable open source business, and all he's asking for is pretty much peanuts considering the magnitude and scope this could soon have. If the kickstarter (which started only an hour ago and is already 10% funded!) does not work out, VGC is probably dead, so I think this is a lifetime opportunity for us to give support to establish a new powerful player and unique technological cornerstone in FOSS graphics. To conclude: Please, for the love of FOSS, throw money at this! :)

Am I able to create a list on to follow a list of hashtags? 🤔

When epistemic systems gain social and political significance (2017)

Our present epistemic systems are undergoing kind of the same shock that the online community underwent when transitioning from BBSs and Usenet to the commercial web to social media.

We were used to a very high content-to-BS ratio because it took a certain amount of intelligence and intense domain-interest for people to be there in the first place -- and we've now transitioned to a situation where many people are there more or less accidentally and (the worst part), because of a high percentage of the population being present, there is now substantial power to be had by influencing the discussions that take place.

HN discussion:

#EpistemicSystems #WoozlesEpistemicParadox #FreeSpeech #Propaganda #Manipulation #Censorship #Surveillance #Power #Control #Monopoly

Interesting talk on where the state of computer hardware was in 2018:

Still lots of relevant bits today, such as why chips are so expensive or why they're not that much better for typical users.

They really should wheel in temporary satellite uplinked cellular sites into disaster areas.

Bandwidth is limited, so maybe limit to texting only. First responders and such could get full service.

This would allow people to at least send an "I'm alive"

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Telephone sheep, using old cords & phones, by Jean Luc Cornec brilliant 👍🏻😂👇

@tychosoft @humanetech @bob @aral the thing a lot of texh people miss is that we didn’t become the minority in our own space because people left or we were replaced by locked down device users.

it’s that the locked down devices empowered a lot more people to use technology than tbe harder to use stuff ever did.

There is an incredible feature missing from almost all todo apps, at least in their common workflows... They answer what needs doing today, tomorrow, next week...

They don't tell me what I was trying to do right before I unlocked the phone.

If you're interested in helping in a big way, consider donating to the flatpak project at so they gain financial independence, to develop more of the neat stuff, like portals, etc.

In case you haven't heard of it, flatpak is a cross-distribution universal packaging format

I count 23 flatpaks installed on my system, so you betcha I became a recurrent $5 donor.

Daaamn. It’s *August* 29th. Why is it so cold all of a sudden? 🥶
Oh, it must be because **String Freeze** just started!
If you’re not a native English speaker, now is the time to translate #GNOME into your language. Head over to and join a team.

On authors who were publishing information technology panopticon concerns in the 1980s, or earlier

A quickie dump.

Paul Baran / RAND

"On the Engineer's Responsibility in Protecting Privacy"
"On the Future Computer Era: Modification of the American Character and the Role of the Engineer, or, A Little Caution in the Haste to Number"
"The Coming Computer Utility -- Laissez-Faire, Licensing, or Regulation?"
"Remarks on the Question of Privacy Raised by the Automation of Mental Health Records"
"Some Caveats on the Contribution of Technology to Law Enforcement"

Largely written/published 1967--1969.

Willis Ware / RAND

Too numerous to list fully, 1960s --1990s. Highlights:

"Security and Privacy in Computer Systems" (1967)
"Computers in Society's Future" (1971)
"Records, Computers and the Rights of Citizens" (1973
"Privacy and Security Issues in Information Systems" (1976)
"Information Systems, Security, and Privacy" (1983)
"The new faces of privacy" (1993)


Shoshana Zuboff, In the Age of the Smart Machine: The Future of Work and Power (1988) Notably reviewed in the Whole Earth Catalog's Signal: Communication Tools for the Information Age (1988).

"Danger to Civil Rights?", 80 Microcomputing (1982) (

"Computer-Based National Information Systems: Technology and Public Policy", NTIS (September 1981)

"23 to Study Computer ‘Threat’" (1970)

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

"Privacy and Information Technology" bibliography is largely 1990--present, but contains some earlier references.

Similarly "Privacy"

Credit Reporting / Legislation

US Privacy Act of 1974

Invasion of Privacy Act 1971 - Queensland Government, Australia

Arthur R. Miller, The assault on privacy: computers, data banks, and dossiers

"The Computer, the Consumer and Privacy" (1984)

Richard Boeth / Newsweek

The specific item I'd had in mind:

Richard Boeth, "Is Privacy Dead", Newsweek, July 27, 1970

Direct PDF:

Based on an HN comment:

#privacy #surveillance #panopticon #PaulBaran #WillisWare #RAND #ShoshanaZuboff #RichardBoeth #CreditReporting


Throw back Thursday...
It's a thing right (asking fr a friend)?
Anyway, some houses on steep rocky hills in the sketchbook


This is nice, a virtual library placed and sorted in their shelves, for you to browse and pick from. From Open Library:

Let's keep the #GNOME40 celebration going with a brand new release video!

We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 40! After countless hours of work from the GNOME community, this release brings many exciting updates!

See the release highlights at

Or view all the details in our release notes:

#GNOME40 #releaseday #OpenSource

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