I get pulled for goin 64mph in the slow lane, cos I’ve limousine tint (in my chef whites)..and the speedo shows cars doin over 100mph!!! I’m sat in the back of the t5 persuit..Fuck this 🤬

my of at tonight...To the top, 27 feet, Twice 🖖🤪 (wall on the left, hexed)

The of . I just went to the to withdraw £10 from my account..You haven’t been able to withdraw £5 for {in anyway} and yet it dispersed 2x £5 notes!!?? WTF 🤔🥴🤪

Finally beat my after a 2 of trying 😂 I managed to get R3.2 working on an 8 year old 🤓🖖

my for starting with season 1 😍 why did cancel it?? 😭

Hope that not too many ppl r still with .
B/c now FB has yet ANOTHER potential data breach of its coveted users on their hands!

Today's 'Researchers find 540 million Facebook user records on exposed servers'

Got a today to go with my and now have all the games 🤗👌👍🖖

Just my for the year...£340 ...I being a hashtag “nopointsonmylicense”

I 🥵 started at 12pm yesterday and just got in 😢 14 hour shift... is I’m off today, Then back at 7am till 9pm in 😫

NY Governor Cuomo has called on state agencies and federal regulators to investigate Facebook for accessing far more personal information than previously known from smartphone users, including health and other sensitive data. bloomberg.com/amp/news/article

7 hours on the , Hands to , Day off tomorrow so; Time to raid the fridge 👍🥴🤗

Just got my for the next 2 weeks.... here I come 😱😂😂 (140)

Anyone tried ?? I'm installing it now on my little tugboat , It looks quite but is taking a while to

I’ve been binge watching -files 👽 for quite a while (seen loads I missed, Since I was in my when it 1st )... - Patience (with the half human bat thing); That’s f’ing creepy...The house really doesn’t help 😳😱

@sophia if someone says privacy is unimportant because they have nothing to hide, they might as well say free speech is unimportant because they have nothing to say.

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