will be shutting down after this month on January 1st, 2021. The resources required to run synapse smoothly are becoming too much. Here's hoping dendrite works out better. ✌️

The Synapse server has just been updated to 1.20.0.

The website is now available on the protocol! Check it out over at gemini:// 👍

Looks like mastodon is embedded nicely. Much better than SSHing and editing HTML every time I want to write an update. Hello fediverse!

July 24th 2020 (16:35) - Gave the website a visual update, plus mobile support.

July 20th 2020 (23:36) - Upgraded the server hardware. If the firewall gives anybody issues, please report it asap.

July 17th 2020 (13:12) - Moved to

July 11th 2020 (03:01) - Registration is enabled.

July 10th 2020 (18:33) - The server has just gone live. Registration is currently disabled until I'm confident I have everything needed under control.'s choices:


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