So, lets you have a minifeed of your recent postings aka tweets, but not your toots.

Well, you can if you pay to have a business plan which allows you to install a suitable plugin.

@WhoNeedszZz Yes, true, and the site would look better. I just don't have the time at the present to build a site. I've friends who could do it but I don't fancy paying or calling in a favour just at present.

@chartonjeremiah Fair enough. Small businesses need the help now more than ever though!

@WhoNeedszZz Yes, even our window cleaner is grateful to us for keeping him on during lockdown. But I won't pay for a site to be built at present as I would not be using it so much. Not for the immediate future, anyway. With our household's recent drop in income, we're having to prioritise things.

@WhoNeedszZz @chartonjeremiah your toots also are in an rss feed, I believe, so you just need a widget that pulls from rss

@tomosaigon @WhoNeedszZz Thank you both for your replies. There is an RSS widget and my Toots now display s'well.

Awesome help. Thank you.

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