Apparently, there are likely to be three other people somewhere in the world who look like me. Lucky guys, that's what I think. 👌

Well, 2021 was an absolute disaster for me. Avoided tooting as it would have made a depressing read. Time to get a grip again on my emails, document filing, online in general.

This is not a new year's resolution - I never set those. I've sobered up today, that's all! 🍸

"Police are warning students and universities not to access Sci-Hub, an "illegal website" that allows users to download scientific research papers normally locked behind expensive subscriptions."

Very bad indeed. That name again: Sci-Hub. Remember it so you can avoid it. Ahem.

This is what happens when you've been working from home for months. Conversation this morning:
Gloria (wife): Why are you dressed and not in your pyjamas
Me: I'm picking you up from work later.
Gloria: Oh yes! I forgot about that.

RT BigBrotherWatch: It's ID card season...🤦

Voter ID doesn't stop fraud - it stops the poorest voting.

In 2017 there was 1 vote fraud conviction - in the ENTIRE country.

In 2019, a voter ID trial saw 2000+ people refused a ballot paper for forgetting ID.

Learn more:

If you are new here, and want to do a test post, why not say something nice, or post a nice picture. I mean, if you go into a bar or cafe, you don't say "test" to everyone, or do you?

I must get better at managing my time. Maybe, I can clone myself.

So here I am, sitting in my Vauxhall Astra mark 3 outside the office and waiting. I'm wearing a skull bandana headscarf for face covering purposes and a Talking Heads t shirt whilst listening to Megadeth's Rust In Peace. Thanks for the follow 😀

Is today a special will-play-up-more-than-normal Day?

Boot up Windows PC to connect to work's VPN - just hangs on a picture of meerkats. Eventually manage to reboot and connect to my PC - VPN freezes. Then my work PC at the other end of the VPN decides to hang.

Meanwhile, I've already installed a couple of Ubuntu-Mate updates and cleared some forum posts on my production laptop.

So, over the weekend I explained to my technically inexperienced wife how basic Notepad and Wordpad in Windows are. I explained the extra functionality of other text editors such as my personal text editor of choice , along with and others - even .

It blew her mind!

She now wants me to show her how vim compares two files for differences and appends the contents of one text file to another!

My has a prospective new boyfriend. As per her request, I have aided her background check by reporting back on his LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

He must be a loser - no Mastodon presence.

One and a half hours ago, the garage said they'd call me back in a moment about my car. How long a gap between phone calls is enough to warrant me worrying?

Best walk away from the workstation and then downstairs. Those sausage rolls won't eat themselves!

So, lets you have a minifeed of your recent postings aka tweets, but not your toots.

Well, you can if you pay to have a business plan which allows you to install a suitable plugin.

The worst nightmare of my bosses happened this afternoon - I'm working at home and, for a while, my dropped

Working from home and not having to go into the office today update: I am now wearing

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