@unicornfarts didn't know about Timeshift. Thanks!! This could be better since with a dotfiles repo I would be adding stuff explicitly. The issue I have now is I don't know the extent of the damage to the excluded directories.

github.com/teejee2008/timeshif (for anyone else who didn't know)

@huy_ngo @telroy yup, you're right. I should probably be less -trigger happy with `-f`.

@huy_ngo hmm.. yeah, and overtime, you may even not notice the delay, since it wouldn't be a gate. @telroy proposed using `rm -I` which seems like the best option for my stupid actions.

@mike yeah, I do this selectively for a few files and directories. `.vim/` was one of them so I was safe.

Do you think I should add all files and dirs in ~ to git? I feel like it's a bit too much for git, but considering the monorepo stories I've heard, it may not be.

I accidentally ran `rm -rf ~/` and managed to cancel a second afterwards. It tore through my vim config, gpg directory, and the bin directory. This is what I know so far.

Having the config in code helped a lot when recovering. And thankfully I had backed up the gpg keys the most paranoid way too.

Any workarounds to avoid my foolishness in the future?

@Mehrad Check the `emacs*.desktop` file probably in `/usr/share/applications`. There'll be a key `Icon=` which probably has a value of just `emacs`. Replace that value to point to the proper `.svg` file you've mentioned. And then run `update-desktop-database`. May need `sudo`.

@dc602003 I used Sublime Text sometime ago as an enhanced editor (plugins for all the IDE functionalities I need). It could be what you're looking for. I see others have suggested Intellij (PyCharm for most needs), which I think is also a good alternative with probably better features. However, the community edition doesn't support many languages and frameworks.

@gierdo Thanks! I really felt unhappy in a manager's shoes. And being that 100% of the work hours was really stressful to me. That's why I decided to move.

Starting at a new place tomorrow, and by extension, essentially saying goodbye to my brief tech mgt career.

Tech leadership and tech mgt are far apart, and from what I have experienced, companies rarely take effort to present techies with career growth that doesn't involve people management.

I'll gladly provide tech mentoring to a team, but I honestly do not have any mgt skills whatsoever.

Do not expect me to go after people for timesheets.

@ashshuota taking a guess it's a derived key for the email, signed by the sign key?

@jarbus hmm.. just realised I've worked around that scenario with grip so far

@jarbus I use grip (github.com/joeyespo/grip) for live preview whenever I do documentation. Not sure if that's what you were looking for. Used to use a SublimeText plugin for WYSIWYG when I was using Sublime.

@xpil I think it absolutely can. But as of its current form, no. There are too many issues on different hardware that takes too much time even for an everyday dev. I think this will have to be done by a company with commercial goals in mind. A community will always be too "dorky" to bridge that gap.


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