Which streaming platforms do you use to consume movies and television shows?

Boosts are highly appreciated.

@chaitanya all these and Curiosity Stream, Crunchyroll, as well as my Plex server :D

@chaitanya I try to go to origin/network sites. For comedy central (ca) shows I visit, or I visit the personal site of a YouTube creator, instead of the multiple reposts of the same video. I hope that the advert $ for content on their sites gets closer to the artists.

@schrofi @chaitanya Self-hosted #Jellyfin & #Mubi is a goooood combo.

Right now I have #Netflix, #HBONordic and torrents for everything else.


French/German TV channel has some of the best documentaries with subtitles for English and other languages too:

They also make most of them available to watch on YT here:

ARTE Découverte -

ARTE Documentary -

ARTEde -


I also have Nebula subscription to directly support few of the YouTubers I watch.

@chaitanya Anything that doesn't require running proprietary software or identifying myself.

(I have some ideas for making such platforms)

@chaitanya TPB - I'd never even heard of the second choice there actually.
Not technically 'streaming' as such, but if you tell bittorrent to d/l the S01E01 first and E02 2nd and so on, it becomes one in practice.

@chaitanya In reality we flit between streaming services depending on what they offer at the time. We’re Plowright through Disney+ at the minute, but also watch iPlayer and use Plex for downloaded stuff.

@chaitanya Oh, and Apple TV+ - but only because it’s bundled in with other Apple stuff that I pay for.

Mostly via Plex, but content from all the sources above plus Peacock/NBC, CBSAllAccess for Star Trek Discovery, and HBO Max. Plus a bunch of channels that aren't part of any consistent online service yet.

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