I drove a car with automatic transmission for the first time today. We bought it 5 weeks back but I hadn't given it a go yet. It was weird at start but driving around the city for an hour made it less weird. But it was definitely weird overall. I'd still prefer to drive the other car with manual transmission instead of this one. Or maybe I need to drive this new one more often to get the hang of it.

@chaitanya it's a sad reality of manuals going away. I bought a new car last year and I wanted a wagon. There are no wagons available for sale in the USA with a stick. Sad reality... Your left foot will tend to slam on the floor at random times, maybe out of habit or boredom.

When you only have a left foot it's either automatic or clumsy hand controls. I can't say I miss a clutch pedal and stick and I'm still first away from the lights when they go green.

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